$80K in donations for hot dog vendor after cop takes money during bust


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Armed robbery! WTF.


I saw this on the news. Supposedly they were told to take money for “evidence”. o_0 LOL wut?


Taking asset forfeiture to a whole new low. What a fucking loser. I hope he gets his ass roasted in court.


Civil asset forfeiture explained…

Civil Forfeiture, Asset Forfeiture, Racoons Steal From Cats


Likely there will be zero repercussions for the officer. Courts seem to be OK with departments confiscating anything from anyone.


Shit, courts are OK with cops murdering people. Stealing stuff is small potatoes when a cop can say “I’m going to kill this this motherfucker”, do it, and get acquitted.


ha, come on, that would never happen…

checks news

holy shit


The guy that was presumably holding the camera and doing all that talking was pretty successful in getting the male thief cop engaged with him. The cop should have just STFU and do whatever he was going to do instead of saying stupid stuff like “did you call us?” when cameraman was saying how there was illegal public drinking going on. I wonder if someone called the cops on the hot dog vendor.

The cop going through every last pocket of the wallet seems excessive. Was the vendor suspect under arrest? If not, why the detailed search? Could there be weapons hidden in the recesses of the wallet? Seems that the vendor suspect’s ID was already located. Note that I am not a LEO.


Doubtful that someone called him, but it’s easier to roust the gentleman with the hotdog cart (since he has money) instead of the young folks with open beers in public (no money).


They can even take your life and get away with it; though this is melanin dependent.




The rule of law is fracturing. Hot dog guy is just a small thing. Look at the bigger picture:


I saw a cop wearing a Blue Lives Matter wristband. Should I be offended?

Change the civil forfeiture laws. Change police accountability laws. Improve civilian oversight of police. And be prepared to sue every bad cop into oblivion. The law has to swing back to protect the accused from the brutality of the bad cops working in a flawed system.


Either 1) this is legal, in which case… How is this legal?, or 2) this is not legal, in which case… How is this cop so cool about being filmed while he straight-up steals money from someone?


Does the name Mohammed Bouazizi ring any bells? “Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi was a Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire on 17 December 2010, in response to the confiscation of his wares and the harassment and humiliation” he experienced at the hands of the police. His death was the start of the Arab Spring.


Aw - if only the real thing was so cute, I’d be ok with it.


Legality is irrelevant when the criminal in question is de-facto above the law. Until we as a people decide that the law should also apply to police, they can do whatever they want. As it is, they claim that laws don’t apply to them and the general response is just “eh, okay, whatever.”


Egyptians have higher expectations of their government, it seems. Americans just shrug it off.


The land of the free and the home of the brave. How does one start a petition to have those words removed from the Star Spangled Banner


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