$80K in donations for hot dog vendor after cop takes money during bust


Limiting the ability of people to practice business without permits helps ensure a business is referenced and accountable, taxes are paid, food meets certain criteria for preparation helping to make sure it’s safe to eat. This guy isn’t really making any huge problems on his own, of course, but there are laws for various reasons, and allowing street food sales to go unregulated is one of the most obvious contrasts between a high-functioning organised country and a poor country that lacks regulation.

I’m glad the guy got something out of this though, and hope he uses some of the money to pay for the permits etc that will allow him to practice the street vending on the same level as everyone else.


Where does the vendor being robbed by the police fit into all of the above?


Indeed. A respect for the rule of law separates high-functioning organized countries from those third-world hellholes where the police shake down poor people on the street for the cash in their pockets.



The money is in the officer’s hand or laying on top of the ticket pad through the entire video. At no point does he take it away from the vendor in a way that makes it a final action, like put it in his pocket. We only have the person taking the video saying over and over saying that the cop is stealing the money and the video ends before the officer hands the ticket to the vendor. Doesn’t anyone else get tired of being manipulated?


Your attempt is very obvious & tiresome, yes.

Welcome to BBS comrade.



The cop asked, now you think someone called. Did the cop say someone called?

Power of suggestion.


Why didn’t you step in, new community member, who was clearly there.



I am still waiting for my DAMN TACO TRUCKS ON EVERY CORNER

Best Campaign Promise, Ever


I do recall that. I’d prefer some additional gofundme campaigns before we go for a velcro revolution here in the USA.


I suspect the “revolutionaries” would like it to be teflon revolution, as far as they are concerned.


Sorry for any derail, but I sure hope he offers ketchup for his hot dogs.

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