Cop who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students seeks workers comp


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I bet Zimmerman is watching how this turns out before deciding how much compensation to seek from the Martin family.


Are you telling me the guy who soaked nonviolent protesters in pepper spray might be an asshole? I’m not sure how to take this, it’s shattering my worldview.


Fascists know how to work the system.

Is it crazy to consider that in fact he deeply regrets his decision and that the global derision he received and his ultimate firing might have not only led him to regret but triggered some kind of psychiatric issue? And that he needs support to get through that so he can become a non-pepper spraying, sensitive, contributing member of society?

Or am I hopelessly naive and that continued protests of this man, in person, is what our society needs to improve from the low point it suffered when this happened?


Some sort of evidence that he’d taken action indication regret, understanding, or a desire to leave the world better off would probably do. Has he? I don’t know. I know of people who’ve done terrible things, and found a way to recover. One of them is a murderer, who was so regretful over what he did that he’s dedicated his life to saving lives, and been fairly successful at it, even partnering with the police officer that originally caught him.

I’ve not heard of this man doing anything to atone for his crimes, or even showing any sort of regret. He may have, and if anyone has any evidence of it, I’d like to see it.


I would say someone that casually sprays pepper spray into someone’s face like that already has deep-seeded psychological issues. A sociopath would be my guess: zero empathy and zero responsibility for his actions toward others.


Apparently the clue by four left some sort of scar

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Thanks. This was both useful and thoughtful. It seems fair to expect him to, at some point, apologize profusely and express his sincere regret in the public space. I would also like to see this.

I’m less interested in what he needs and more interested in what he deserves. Assholes are not, exactly, a limited resource.

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That kind of injury seems rather self-inflicted for worker’s comp, though. Especially when the decision involved led to his being fired.

It was all your vicious memes, internet. Look how you’ve damaged this poor man.


This is the state of protest in the internet age. Grab on to some clueless tool and blame him for the sorry state of understanding in this culture.

Forgive me if I don’t jump on your bandwagon.

Feels good? All those back slaps and camaraderie?

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Treatment for mental health issues should be a human right. I don’t like this guy any more than you do, but don’t you think it is incredibly fucked up that our system would require someone to try to get workers comp so that they would be able to pay for psychiatric treatment?


Why do you say this? ‘Sociopath’ has a definition and symptoms. It is not a synonym for a person you don’t like. And if he has deep seated psychological issues, like you claim, then don’t you think it is all the more important that he gets treatment?

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Nobody made him enjoy it, buddy.


I’m guessing he said it because the man pepper sprayed students in the face with the matter of fact detachment of a man watering his wife’s plants.


So, we can assume you have never been the target of poorly reasoned and researched hate speech then?

Hey patriotic hippie-hating rent-a-cop, if you love something as socialist as workers’ compensation, why don’t you move to Russia where you belong?


You mean before now?