Maniac Pittsburgh cop notorious for that sort of thing

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Ah, another “bad apple” (pay no attention to the barrel that’s kept him inside for decades).


Thank you, City of Pittsburgh, for adding yet another reason for me to avoid you. Because you know a guy like this is never the only rotting, foul-smelling fruit in the basket.


Sounds like a micro penis to me…


Well, that was infuriating. :rage:


Is he still employed?

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I didn’t read most of his stories of horror, but what stood out most in what I did was this: Judge Jeffrey Manning said after acquitting Abel “It is not the obligation of this court to police the police department.”

The event Abel was acquitted for that time: While at a bar he got into an altercation with 2 men, then went off (while legally drunk) to get them. He instead came across 2 other random guys and threw one to the ground and stuck his gun in the guy’s eye while drunkenly screaming threats. When the guy on the ground reached to protect his face, Abel shot him in the hand. Abel insisted that the gun simply went off accidentally. He admitted to driving drunk and attacking a random person who was just minding his own damn business. No charges at all.

Will someone please inform that judge that it very much was his obligation to police the police.


ACAB :pig:

I seriously hope this reporting embarrasses the city into taking some fucking action regardless if its willingly or not. This idiot shouldn’t be allowed near human beings.


I don’t understand how a even a cop can get away with assaulting a member of the Steelers in Pittsburgh, that’s like punching a cardinal in Vatican City.


perhaps brought about by long-term steroid abuse?
ETA: fuck the police

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We were gonna maybe check out Carnegie Mellon University as a potential post secondary intitution for my high school senior to attend next year, but this kind of crap makes me suspicious of going anywhere near Pittsburgh.



Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as your kid doesn’t inform cops of the federal flag code, and just does exactly as a cop tells them to do, and…isn’t a random person who happens to be out when this guy goes on a drunken rampage, there shouldn’t be any problems. Nothing to worry about at all! /s


Despite this cops awful backstory which does not surprise me, frankly the scene with a young person saying “tell me what I did tell me exactly what I did !” has been going on Since cops and young people have probably existed.
I remember being in high school and there was some kind of food fight or kids being rambunctious at our local Taco Bell and I was singled out to sit on the curb until I was told I could leave. I remember asking what I did a couple times but I knew to just stay put, Even if I hadn’t done anything wrong.

It’s just a cop flexing his being able to do whatever the hell he wants card. If the kid were black however he would be punched up or dead.

So this kid is calling out the cop for his blue lives matter mask? yeah technically you should be able to tell a cop something critical about them, But you think there won’t be repercussions? You don’t start antagonizing these dudes, unless you’re prepared for things to go haywire quickly. Because once they’re in the situation you’re basically at their mercy. Body cam footage, modern technology, have we not seen in the last few months COPS DO NOT GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK.


I mean, if they want to keep saying “Bad Apple, Bad Apple!” the least they could possibly do is hold one single fucking bad apple accountable to see if that helps. I mean, for sure all police forces in the US need to be razed and rebuilt from the ground up, but god, if they want to try the bad apple thing first, go ahead, but DO SOMETHING about them apples!


I am just as surprised to see this as some others here because I actually live right outside of Pittsburgh and this is where I was born.

There are shity cops everywhere man if you avoid everywhere they exist you will be out to sea, a few hundred miles out in the ocean.

I trust cops absolutely ZERO, but Pittsburgh cops around my Alma matter at Pitt campus were usually cool.

This particular pig though needs fired, with prejudice.

Honestly man its a really cool city, and weed is decriminalized here, because we aren’t complete assholes. I’m sure that pisses off the cops, but fuck em.


Of course he is.


The standard for remaining employed as a cop seems to be considerably lower than the standard for any other job. I looked to see if Pittsburgh had ever fired a police officer and all I can find are two different cases where the city attempted to do so and the cop successfully sued to get their job back including back pay. It basically looks like they have to actually be convicted of a crime in order to be fired.


When people use the “bad apple” argument, I get hung up on the fact that they’re misusing the expression to imply the opposite of what it means (that a few bad individuals corrupt the entire system), and I don’t get beyond that. But of course the argument is fundamentally nonsense for that reason - one simply can’t argue that the problems are individual rather than systemic when the system prevents individuals from being held accountable or removed from the job.

The “bad apple” expression doesn’t even go far enough - it’s not just that a few bad apples spoils the barrel, the barrel is quite literally designed to store and protect bad apples and discard good ones.