High schoolers scream in agony after volunteering to be pepper sprayed for extra credit

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“Preparing these kids for the future?”

Well, no. All the kids were white. They’d get off with a warning.


It would only be realistic if the instructor then beat them with a baton while they screamed and writhed on the ground while yelling at them to “Hold still!! Stop resisting!!” Tough to listen to and obey shouted commands while your face feels like it is melting off, but that is never a consideration, now, is it? Maybe these kids will understand? Maybe?


Wait, wait, wait. We can’t afford art or music in schools but we have Criminal Science courses in high school?


The Scholastic/Prison pipeline is always willing to fund such courses. Good luck finding patrons for music and art.


I mean. Wow. Just…wow.

It’s one thing to discuss (either seriously or with black humor) the idea that we live in an authoritarian hell where the rich and powerful use the justice system to subjugate the masses. It’s another thing to literally be training youth to assume their role in that system.


Being white does not get you out of being sprayed if you are at anything other than White Supremacist rallies. These kids could have been assaulted by the cops while at BLM rallies, LGBT+ rallies, Pro-Choice rallies or any number of other things. Of course now they have the seed planted that it is not worth it to even contemplate resistance or protest, so they are probably safe


I get what the teacher is trying to do here, but FFS, can we stop assaulting children to “teach them a lesson”… it’s fucking barbaric.


Has it ever occurred to police that many forms of “non-lethal” means of suppression could be done away with?

Don’t answer that. It’s obvious they don’t care.


Well yes, obviously. We have lots of lethal methods so why bother with the ineffective stuff /s

(/s not directed at you knoxblox)


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What. The. Actual. FUCK?


In the military its common for recruits to be exposed to these kinds of irritants, that said they aren’t kids. I don’t even care to guess why the teacher thought this was a good idea or what kind of lesson this was supposed to be teaching them.


Assholes all the way down.


In the words of many a Black person, in sheer disbelief of such flagrant audacity:

I wish a muthafucka would…

Try sending that piece of paperwork home with my kid, and watch a whole parental protest form…


Does anyone remember the days when police departments were encouraging folks to ride their “car accident sleds”, in which lucky participants got to experience what it’s like to slam into another car at high speed? :man_shrugging:


They were bribed so that cops could torture them. And here I thought our hellscape society couldn’t get any more cruel and insane. I had to go through this in boot camp, removing my gas mask in a room flood with tear gas, told to recite my name, rank, home address before I could leave the room for a leisurely one hour jog until my eyes cleared. Doing this to children? Unconscionable, with or without permission from their parents, because there’s literally no rational reason for cops to use this shit.

I have not enough words to express my profound disgust at our society and its for-profit torture industries.


Forgot about UC Davis, huh? A lot of them were white, but they were protesting capitalist excesses, and that made them fair game.


I’m always interested in exceptions to the rule from more than a decade ago, sure. But, those were leftist college kids.


Not sure if this makes it okay but here is the context, and it was 5 years ago.

The Barberton City School District released the following statement to FOX 8 News:

On Friday May 12, 2017 as part of the Criminal Science Technology Career Tech Education course at Barberton High School, students had an opportunity to voluntarily participate in an activity in which they would be subjected to a small amount of pepper spray for a brief period of time. The activity was conducted by the class instructor, who is a former police chief, and an experienced professional. Added supervision was provided by the school’s resource officer. Students were required to have parental permission and consent in order to participate in the voluntary exercise. The intent of the training is to help the students gain an industry recognized credential in the law and public safety course curriculum that is offered by the Ohio Department of Education.