Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders try to defend Cadet Bone Spurs "run into school" comment

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Being a spokesperson for Dolt-45 is a thankless and frustrating job. It pleases me immensely that a member of the odious Huckabee family holds it.


Forget outright acts of heroics; can anyone even point to documented evidence of Trump performing ANY kind of selfless act that wasn’t part of an obvious PR stunt? Donating his own personal money to a noble cause? Helping an old lady cross the street? Holding the elevator door for someone? Sharing his sandwich with some ducks?


meh, was not worth the 2 minutes to listen to her again.

Now if someone from the Press had suggested that since the PRESIDENT would have run in there WITHOUT A GUN to save those kids, doesn’t that mean we don’t really need to arm everyone, we just need more courageous people.

Not more cowards with guns as the Sheriff’s Deputies have already demonstrated?
(and as pointed out BY THE PRESIDENT!)


“So what happens is, this guy falls off right on his face, hits his head, and I thought he died. And you know what I did? I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s disgusting,’ and I turned away,” said Trump. “I couldn’t, you know, he was right in front of me and I turned away. I didn’t want to touch him… he’s bleeding all over the place, I felt terrible. You know, beautiful marble floor, didn’t look like it. It changed color. Became very red. And you have this poor guy, 80 years old, laying on the floor unconscious, and all the rich people are turning away. ‘Oh my God! This is terrible! This is disgusting!’ and you know, they’re turning away. Nobody wants to help the guy. His wife is screaming—she’s sitting right next to him, and she’s screaming.”

The marble floor gets more empathy.


This is how I want to treat everyone whose job it is to explain Trump’s words and behavior. It’s not your fault, Sarah.


Remember that time President Obama said a racist cop “acted stupidly” by arresting black Cambridge University scholar Henry Louis Gates for standing on his own porch, and police unions across the country demanded the President apologize?

Funny that the “Blue Lives Matter” folks don’t seem to have a problem with Trump calling deputies “cowards” for hesitating to sacrifice their own lives in an attempt to stop a psycho who had them dramatically outgunned.


“and we are doing everything we can to bring those groups together to unify the country and do everything we can to make sure we are taking the biggest and strongest steps forward in protecting americas kids”


At this point, I’m actually sort of thinking about the possibility that we all might consider pondering the off-hand notion that we could maybe start feeling kind of sorry for Sarah, but that’s all maybe.


Fixed it for ya.


It’s also worth asking whether or not the deputy on site was following protocol or not - it’s not unusual for there to be a “do not engage an active shooter / enter any other dangerous situation without backup” rule for cops.


If she’s looking for absolution for her voluntary task, she needn’t darken my door.


He crashed an AIDS charity event to which he was not invited (stealing an actual donor’s seat in the process) so he could have his picture taken on stage without giving any money to the cause.

In other words, no.


The sad thing is because he said he would do it, he actually believes he did it and considers himself a bona fide hero.


Oh so when he was calling out a single deputy as “disgusting” what he was really saying was he wanted to be more courageous like so many were? “Translating Trump” into something acceptable pretty much just means saying the opposite and hope no one notices.


I have to say the two scenarios are a little different from one another. Personally I can criticize cops for both being too heavy handed at times, and at other times not doing what they are SUPPOSED to do to help the people. Though I acknowledge that cops have not legal obligation to protect anyone.

As I have said since day one, the various instances with cops needs to be analyzed individually to determine if their actions are prudent or not. And we should criticize and ask for better when their actions are not seen as prudent.

ETA - though just to make clear, Trumps statement was pure ridiculousness.

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I refuse to listen. I can’t let this much stupid into my life.


The sadder thing is that his minions will believe him and consider him a hero. Fortunately, there aren’t very many of them.

Point is that Trump can smear police six way to Sunday—calling deputies “disgusting” and “cowards,” constantly maligning the country’s top law enforcement agency, etc. and it doesn’t elicit a peep from the people who wanted Obama’s head because he occasionally suggested that there might room for improvement in the ways our country approaches law enforcement.


Well I would have gone in there naked, blindfolded, and with my hands tied behind my back. Because I’m way braver than the President.