Teacher accidentally discharges handgun in school toilet, hurting self


Counselors will work with teachers on how to share this information with kids and how to answer questions

I have a suggestion:

This country, America, is socially and emotionally retarded to the point where we collectively think it’s a swell idea to have handguns in primary schools. Clearly, as today’s events show, this idea is moronic, but we will nevertheless cling to it because reasons! Also freedom! Good luck kids, and remember to stay low each time the shooting starts.


As the NRA made clear after Newtown, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

The cool thing here is, the bad lady with a gun was also the good lady with a gun, and she stopped herself. So it works out.


Yup, she must have been simultaneously standing her ground while carrying concealed. That’ll learn her.


It’s an elementary school in suburban Utah. Why does a teacher there need to carry a gun, exactly?


Clearly, this teacher failed, badly.

But I’d point you to Israel, where students are protected, effectively, by armed volunteers. Firearms, in the hands of trained, responsible individuals, are effective safeguards of children.

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“Well-regulated militia,” yes?


The veracity of that statement depends largely on the situation, and in the case of suburban school children, it is patently bullshit.

Even when it might be true, where are the safeguards to ensure that individuals are trained and responsible? Absolutely nowhere. In fact in the US you have legislation in place to ensure your lack of training and responsibility is not a barrier to your attempt to safeguard children.


Isn’t this the second teacher to have shot themselves in US schools within the last couple weeks?

Utah. Now on a very exclusive list in my book, along with Florida.


Hunted a bit - looks like the other one was at Idaho State, and that one happened in class.


Those kids get very rowdy and rude at times and she might have need to put the fear of God into 'em!

It is part of a new school cirriculum: Guns for God.


You have to keep down the numbers otherwise they get overcrowded and the resources deplete even faster.

(I know that area and while some people would say it’s near the ghetto, IMHO the most dangerous thing that could happen to you there is you go catatonic from boredom and crash your car [since it’s just a giant freeway bypass])

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[citation needed]


See that’s the problem, due to a lack of fiber she wasn’t regulated enough and ended up shooting herself in the leg.


I’m going to start this by stating that I am a gun owner, love to target shoot etc…

Now, the idea of having handguns in an elementary school is so patently apeshit that I’m amazed that this even has to be a discussion. The risk of these children getting killed in a Newtown type massacre is statistically so unlikely, and the odds that they’ll get killed in a car accident etc… so dramatically higher, that I’m not going to argue the “logic” of the supposed necessity to have the capacity for the “good guys” to have the means to get in a gunfight with the “bad guys” IN A FUCKING PRIMARY SCHOOL!

The Israel example is a good one of how trained individuals with guns can protect children. Now, that idea will make sense when a couple of additional conditions are met. 1) when all adults are required to have effective training by a required period of military service as occurs in Israel, and 2) when suburban Utah is essentially fighting a constant war with rockets raining down, and somewhat frequent skirmishes between the Utah Civil defense forces and whothefuckever is playing the role of the Palestinians in this Utah = Israel fantasy world

As I noted above, I’m a “gun guy” (but hopefully not an idiotic one). Having firearms in the vicinity of children only increases the chance of accidents/shootings, not decreases them (as evidenced in this example of Ms. Accidental Discharge).


Yeah, that sounds like the one… Something tells me there’ll be plenty more such events given how many legislatures recently passed laws allowing - nay, encouraging - guns on campuses.


Why do people always bring up Israel as some sort of gold standard for this, that, or the other thing? Do you know what sounds appealing about living in Israel? Fucking nothing. Needing armed guards in schools is something to be god damned ashamed of. Requiring all adults to serve for ?2 years? in your military because your nation has been in a fairly constant state of war since it’s very inception is a blight on a nations character. Openly using racial profiling in police tactics is a travesty of justice, not an ideal to up hold. Why on earth would your lionize anything about a country that has consistently failed to figure out a way to simply get along with their neighbors, or barring that hate them, but not murder them. You know, like how most of Europe feels about Belgium.

Don’t get me wrong. The Palestinians and whoever else keep attacking Israel are assholes too. But I never hear or see anyone saying “You know those terrorists have a really interesting solution to this societal conundrum!”


I don’t understand. I have shot thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition (possibly tens of thousands). Many of my friends have done the same. While serving in the military, my brother shot tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition (possibly hundreds of thousands). He trained others to shoot. His students … well … you get the idea.

I know no one who has ever had a gun accidentally go off. I know no one who knows someone who has had a gun accidentally go off. Based on my experience and knowledge, the only explanation is that the teacher was fiddling with the gun. In other words, her “accident” is no different than someone fiddling with their phone while driving resulting in a smashed front end.

If the “teacher” had any honor she would…

  1. Apologize to each and every person at the school for putting them in danger.
  2. Stop carrying.
  3. Offer to resign.

Undoubtedly, her narcissism and blind arrogance have eliminated all honor.


The firearm was owned and carried on-campus legally; educators are not even required to inform school administrators they are armed.

Fucking bat-shit insane is not even close to describe what I’m thinking now about the state of common sense in the United States.