Parkland teacher who was open to the idea of arming teachers forgets his loaded Glock in a public bathroom


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It’s mind-boggling that people are seriously proposing putting a handgun within reach of every kindergartener in America.


Start 'em young!

(I’m kidding, that is truly a fucking terrible idea.)


I could imagine how you could manage this cognitive dissonance with a firm belief in Trained Professionals vs. Casual Gun Owner. Hopefully his own neglect chips away at his confidence in the bright line though


I will say given the high rate of self inflicted/harming those closest to you stats…I’d say arming all of congress and the house might not be the worst idea ever. :laughing:


Were there a whole lot of unreported incidents of teachers misusing guns before Parkland or is it just some cosmic joke highlighting how boneheaded this idea is? There have been at least four incidents now.


Well, some problems do tend to work themselves out… :wink:


It’s a big cosmic joke; and we are all the butt of it.

(I long ago decided that Chaos Gods must exist, in some form or another.)



Going to the March for Our Lives rally and considering allowing teachers to carry concealed is not necessarily inconsistent. It just depends on how an individual views the appropriateness of various paths to keeping schools safe. People on different sides might view various options differently (eg, firearm ownership restrictions, making schools “gun-free” zones, putting lots of money and effort into mental health care, making schools more secure via metal detectors, putting guns in the hands of well-trained staff, etc), but there is no reason an individual might support multiple positions from the list as any one of them might be seen by some as “increasing safety” for students (of course while some would view different items on this list as decreasing safety). It is interesting to me that many states have, for years, allowed teachers to carry, and we heard very little about there being issues. So I don’t know if we are just hearing about the screw-ups now or if there are more screw ups.


apparently drunk homeless man holding his 9mm Glock.

What was it I said earlier? Something about morons with guns, I do recall…


I’ve heard a heck of a lot more stories about teachers endangering lives by carrying handguns in school than stories about teachers saving lives by carrying handguns in school.

It hasn’t been a major issue before now because it’s very rare for teachers to arm themselves even in places where the law allows it.


does this make us bad people?


“Florida Man” x 2 = Bang!


Even better, now we know where Florida man learns the craft


Nope! Colorado has plenty of armed teachers. They are very, very afraid of their students and the students’ parents.


That’s not the reason we’re bad people :rofl:


You know if you duct tape the gun behind your neck they probably won’t be able to reach it. Plus you’ll be able to surreptitiously reach for it while having your hands in the air so you can shoot the bad guy mid-gloat (don’t forget to say something cool).


Jeff Foxworthy: “Oh, we’re going to Hell, now.”

Bill Engvall: “That’s okay…we know lots of people there.”


Left it in the stall? Where was he keeping it that he had to remove it?