Parkland teacher who was open to the idea of arming teachers forgets his loaded Glock in a public bathroom

It’s a Chekov. Russian made. .25 Caliber. :slight_smile:



You’ll appreciate how I don’t have a count of unreported incidents, but given the number of things I leave around the house, the store, the office and everywhere else all the time, I 'd say that events like this are common enough. But only can be used to sell eyeballs to advertisers if the perp/victim are in the news for other reasons, as here.

Often enough that people can say “what a dumb idea” BEFORE this news came out.

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Of course they are, in 2014 there were 67,000 elementary schools in the United States and the cost of the guns alone means another $67,000,000 in sales to the gun industry before the training contracts. Since highschools are so much more dangerous that means keeping a couple ARs around in those 24,000 schools for another $120,000,000 in gun sales. Throw in private schools and the total from it all is now around the $250,0000,000 mark.

I wonder why gun advocacy lobbyists and anyone else with a direct tie to the industry wants to required arming schools?


This is really just a question of knowledge. A revolver is better choice and could be (accidently) left around kids without too much worry. Toddlers are not strong enough to pull either the trigger or the hammer. They are better for regular people because there is no safety to flick off. An even better choice would be a single action revolver. This is the style of gun that has saved many because so few actually know how to fire it. A definate advantage if you lose control of it in a fight.

Every time someone attempts to present a situation in which filling American schools with handguns is actually a Perfectly Reasonable Idea That Normal People In Wealthy And Developed Nations Have All The Time, I feel like I’m having a stroke.


Did we already see this on BB?

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A kindergartener is not a toddler. Not to mention the fact that many children are as strong as their teachers by the time they finish primary school, let alone high school. I can’t believe this is even a discussion we need to have.

“I admit I accidentally left my gun unattended in the classroom but don’t worry it was just a revolver” better not be something I EVER hear one of my kids’ teachers say.


“I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that god’s got a sick sense of humor, and when I die, I expect I’ll find him laughing.”


Kids whose parents trained them about guns know not to touch them.

There was a study a while back (details escape me) but the kids that grabbed an unattended gun and pointed it at another were those kids that had never seen one. Never been around them. Knew nothing about them Those that just saw them on tv.

The kids that had been around them and instructed not to touch them did not.

Given that there are a variety of people’s kids in school it would seem that the kids of anti-gun parents would be the most likely to cause harm.

So with that in mind it probably better for my kids if yours don’t get the chance.

So, no guns for teachers. Agreed.

Teacher leaves loaded gun in restroom.

Drunk dude finds it and discharges it.

Who is it we’re supposed to protect ourselves from, again? Ohhhh! Only “crazy” people. That’s right.


The anecdote is that 90% of people with a driving license rate themselves as “above average” drivers.
This teacher I guess is the same: he thinks that the only group that could be trusted with firearms in a school is the one that she belong to. NRA purpose and tactics is to scare people in believing that the need a gun to protect themselves, he just trying to accomodate his need to feel in control with the apparent reality that guns kill students. [edited for gender swap]


Obligatory XKCD: Strictly speaking it’s better than the alternative


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Let’s see…
Chances of a shooting in any particular school -> The thin end of diddly whittled down to a point
Chances of any particular school employee’s firearm being lost, left somewhere, negligently discharged, snagged, stolen or dropped in the toilet -> non-negligible.
Multiply by every armed staff member in the school -> this sort of thing will be in the news … often.

It’s all about the probabilities, folks.


Okay, I had to go Google that. That’s some deep knowledge.

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and trespassing.

In a public toilet.

How does that work?


obscured by misspelling Checkhov, unfortunately


While I’m unable to find any reference to such a study, it seems like a very plausible result. Children are going to be curious about things they’ve never had a chance to touch/play with before. Children who are in households with guns will be told about the dangers of guns. My children don’t try to grab at sharp knives or touch hot stoves.

But if you are recalling that the study was 100% and 0% or thinking that it unfailingly predicts the future then you are letting a reference to a half-remembered study overwhelm obvious reality. Children do cut themselves with knives and do burn themselves on stoves. And children of parents with guns do shoot themselves and/or their parents with those guns both accidentally and intentionally.