Teacher trained in use of guns accidentally fires weapon, injures a student

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Gonzales said he learned about the incident when his 17-year-old son came home with blood on his shirt and bullet fragments in his neck.

The school did not send the student to the nurse to get examined or call an EMT? Why wasn’t the student taken to a hospital?


Boy, it’s almost as if having more guns in schools makes students less safe. Unfortunately, the people arguing for guns in schools have no concept of statistics, much less an understanding of them, so they’ll never get that.


An educated cynical guess based on the name Gonzales… He wasn’t white?


If the students had been armed this wouldn’t have happened. More guns!


Look, this is just the system working as designed. The teacher was trained as a reserve police officer. Shooting innocent bystanders “by accident” is part of the training! The only thing this teacher got wrong was failing to plant a weapon in the student’s hand and failing to shout “stop resisting” during the shooting. He should obviously be sanctioned for the latter mistake.


I agree the only thing that stops a bad teacher with a gun is a student body with guns.

Think of the new sales demographics!



This sounds like something right out of a Police Academy movie.


There’s also this:

Diffenbaugh noted that state law and school policy forbids carrying firearms on campus without authorization. Alexander, he said, was not authorized.

So not only did he fail to properly unload his gun, fail to open the slide and visually see that it was empty, failed to engage the safety. He was not supposed to have had the gun on him. Good job.


Before I saw this story I was already thinking “if something like this were to happen, the NRA will of course call some kind of mulligan to dismiss it.” But I was also thinking “what if we did arm teachers across the country, and it didn’t stop school shootings, would the NRA admit defeat on the issue, or call for schools to become fenced in prison camps?” I think we all know the answer, but I hope it never comes to that.


Holy shit! This!!! How can you possibly say “Well, one of our teachers just shot a student, but it’s no biggie. Tell him to quit bleeding and get back to class!”


That’s not even the end of it. None of the school administrators called the police to report what happened, the kid’s parent did after he got home.

ALSO. There’s this bit of insanity:

The father told KSBW that the teacher was preparing to use the gun to show how to disarm someone.

As a parent do you really want someone to teach your kid during school time to lunge for someone that has a gun on them?


I begin to think there is literally no end to the insanity of this story… Wow.


Yeah, the biggest problem with arming teachers is simple human nature. Any person who is willing to carry a gun while teaching school is quite likely to be the last person you’d want to have carrying a gun around kids. As this incident demonstrates.


It’s happened …

But the expert lobbyists told us there was only a hundred-year flood risk if we built our policies on a swamp made of guns!!

(Much harrumphing ensues, particularly at 0:55)


Diffenbaugh noted that state law and school policy forbids carrying firearms on campus without authorization. Alexander, he said, was not authorized.

So this guy, a city council member, is in jail now, right? He illegally brought a gun to a school and fired it? Oh, no, just administrative leave:

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation takes place, according to the school. The Sand City Police Department also placed Alexander on administrative leave.

For fucks sake.


Seems redundant to call the police since the teacher was one, amirite?


He is white… so he has that going for him.


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/14/a-high-school-teacher-accident.html

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That’s essentially what’s already happened. There’s school shootings, the NRA called for armed guards. The law enforcement on campus failed to stop shootings, so the NRA is just escalating their demands for the fortification of schools. They’re literally calling for schools to be like prisons (or federal buildings or banks*) now. It’s endless - they can just keep that up forever. And the schools will always fall short of these impossible ideals, because districts don’t have the money for supplies, much less rebuilding campuses into fortresses. (And even if they did, students would instead get shot once they left campus, so…) The NRA will always be able to cluck their tongues and point at the “failures” of schools as the cause and wash their hands of it.

*I saw a letter to the editor literally suggesting that schools should be like banks, and I thought, “Wait, you think we need to build armored vaults in which to keep students?”