Colorado school district spends $12,000 on assault rifles for guards

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20-hour training course

That’ll be plenty, no need to worry Parents.


Shut them down. Disband them.

Wow. Deja vu all over again :slight_smile:


The problem here is not necessarily arming the guards in order to deter/address the school shooting issue. This preemptively treats kids as criminals first, which when compounded with other draconian, zero-tolerance rules creates a more hostile environment.

The school district needs to ask its students, teachers and parents where the trouble actually lies and address those problems from the root with a more compassionate and logical strategy. These school shootings occur because of mental health issues, poor family life, negative social conditioning, etc. Those are the issues we should be attacking, not children.


Maybe if its reposted, something bad will happen so folks can say “I told you so”…

Oh cmon how else are you going to feed the prison system?


Privatized prison system. And you can easily sustain it by arresting kids and adults for thought crimes :smiley:

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Ok, that is stupid. If they really want to throw their money away I know of school districts in my state that could use the cash to buy books and supplies.

Next up:

Colorado school district starts gun classes for tots. 3rd period Shotgun Basics anyone??


It’s a small price to pay to keep those kids in line. God damned monsters, every one!


Really, we should be arming the students.

"Billy, you’re late for class!"
click “I’m what?”
“Billy, you’ve earned an A!”


To be a (little) fair, Gun Safety classes were (maybe still are?) part of the academic curriculum in some parts of the country- the argument being that on farms (and whatnot) where guns are ubiquitous and used as “tools,” students having a functioning knowledge of gun safety was a… safety… issue. And there may be some sanity to that (specific) argument.

On the larger note: arming school guards with assault rifles is dumb.


Can’t afford free college. Too expensive.


I was thinking of mentioning this. Some schools and colleges also have (or had) gun/rifle clubs, which honestly i would’ve been really jazzed to take had i had the chance.


Well, as long as we are re-hashing this, I guess I can repost:

Well… I guess if they stay in their cars unless needed, that’s ok. Seems a bit much, I just wouldn’t want them patrolling the halls with them.

The details some of you all missed was:

  1. This isn’t for the standard security officers (who are unarmed), it is for the SRO officers, one at each school.

  2. Each SRO is former LE.

  3. Those SROs were already armed with handguns.

I still question the NEED for armed securities at most schools. But I guess if they are properly trained and stored it isn’t going to hurt anything.


My father was on his HS rifle team, and I was on our YMCA AAU team in HS. I was also proud to have been a civilian member of the University of Michigan ROTC Rifle Team (Big Ten Champs!) Of course in too-liberal Ann Arbor these days many such things are hidden or flushed down the memory hole. UM tore down the ROTC range, and the HS range is used for storage. Meanwhile, our school district closes the schools for election days because they fear “some voters might exercise their right to open carry to the polls…”

The lesson: Guns are bad, be afraid of your neighbors, don’t trust voters. Madness.

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When I found out I could shoot .22lr rifles in the basement of the ROTC building for PE credits, I never took another course requiring me to shower afterwards.


This seems to completely rule out simple human error. Proper training and the like is necessary, but lets not pretend that this makes you immune from making mistakes or forgetting things or doing something a bit dumb that seemed like a good idea at the time. These are just things that will inevitably happen.

And when they happen with guns in the mix, things can get dire pretty quickly.

When guns are involved, the point is that it will hurt something (sooner or later). If they’re not actually being actively used to hurt something as they are in hunting and war, given enough time and enough people, they’re just going to accidentally hurt something.


severe lack of common sense and sociopathy.

Well, while I agree that having something increases the risk that something will go wrong from zero, the still overall risk is extremely low.

Kids die or get injured every year from playing on the playground or sports. I would guess more so than from trained SROs.

I guess I can’t really defend whether armed security is NEEDED in schools. I think a lot of it is just a feel good factor. Especially in some middle class school system in Colorado.