Trump's tiny sausage fingers too small to mask his "how to human" crib-sheet for mass shooting presser

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There’s a better photo of items 3 and 4 in the second photo here:

The middle part of #3 is still obscured, but to me, it looks like:
3. Do you see something something effective?
4. Resources? ideas?

The most amusing part of the story is that apparently he didn’t use anything off this card in the event. Looks like he thought it was blank, because he was holding it the wrong way round!



I think Trump is a shit, but I can’t get worked up about staff trying to keep him on message and his taking the time, for once, to try to stay on message.


Honestly, the fact that he was a) foolish enough to take the notes into the meeting ) and b) foolish enough to put them in view of a photographer bothers me more than the fact he had such notes to begin with.

I almost like the fact he had the notes. It means that the staff of the adult day care cared about how he would act during the meeting and put in the effort to make it go well.

  1. I hear hate you.

See now, if people had thought like that, we wouldn’t a had no 9/11. /s


Only an idiot would get his IQ embroidered on his cuffs. And so he did.


That’s cuz he can’t fucking read anyway.

His solution?
Let’s arm the teachers.

Ok - with what? because the choice weapon of school shooters has been the AR-15 so
the teachers need to be armed at least that, because according to Lapierre it is the best self-defense weapon available.
Now, where are they going to keep them. Can’t have them locked up - because THAT:"S USELESS for protection. (It does present the slight problem if some student just suddenly goes nuts, saving him the time
of having to go get a gun, he can just grab one from the teachers drawer/locker etc.

Teacher’s won’t see a problem holding a gun when the SWAT team enters…

Also, I don’t think Trump remembers school, remember when everyone gave the substitute teacher a hard time and made her cry… (Yeah let’s give her a gun).

Jim Jefferies has the best arguments for having a gun.


nope, not as cool as this guy, even with the celery lapel


Pity that the reality is that if the audience could see the intended talking points, that means 45 couldn’t, because he was holding his crib sheet face down.

That level of buffoonish incompetence is just mortifying.


This wasn’t just about staying “on message” but about reminding him to appear to be empathetic, something he wasn’t going to remember to do without help.

What struck me about that was that it’s a solution proposed by someone fundamentally incapable of thinking.


It’s a thing.

( i know, I know, the pixels)


It’s all part of his cunning plan so that we won’t wonder about what was on his side of the paper.


cc @atl NO! Yes you should get worked up by this.

He is the POTUS. Why should he need anyone to keep him on message in this instance?!


It’s literally the most presidential he’s been since the inauguration. Which shows how low that bar has become.




There are a lot of logical reasons why “arming everyone” isn’t a solution at all, but the NRA doesn’t care because the end result is more gun purchases. The “more guns” argument is based on a desperate attempt to rationalize something that is irrational.

School-shooters in particular seem to be hell-bent on going out in a hail of bullets anyway, so the idea they might get shot won’t stop them-- arming teachers only means they aim for the teachers first. There’s no guarantee it will mean less carnage, only different carnage.


That’s the rub:

Why should anyone have to tell a 70 year old so-called “adult” how to pretend to act like a decent human being for a short amount of time?

The fact that the right is willing to stoop so low and tolerate so much obvious fuckery just to achieve their short-sighted agenda is what gets me “worked up…”


Hey dumbass, stop victim blaming. It’s really gross and makes people think you’re in favor of mass shootings involving children as long as “it’s their own fault”.

You’ve made a terrible first impression so far, signing up just to insult us and then argue that children who are the victims of mass shootings deserve it.

Children are being activists, and speaking their minds about this issue and you want to project that the democrats are exactly as cynically manipulative than the republicans.

Guess what buddy? Just because your party is willing to lie and give up every last value it stands for to put a “strong man” (70+ year old fat, sociopathic simpleton) in office, doesn’t mean we will give up everything we stand for to defeat the likes of you.