Dumbest cops in America video themselves laughing at and Tasing mentally-ill, handcuffed man


“Dumb” did enter my mind, but only after roughly a dozend other words.


Indeed! But the vileness, brutality and general disreputability … all can be taken for granted here. But recording yourselves, on an internet-connected cellphone, abusing a prisoner, that is the shining datapoint of dumb.


In cases like this I always wonder if any of the officers involved know that what they’re doing is wrong but are afraid to speak up. Not that it would make them any less guilty–arguably it would make them more guilty than those who justify this sort of behavior by calling it “harmless fun”. But just once I’d like to see one member of the group break ranks and admit that this was shameful behavior on his part, that he regrets it, and that he will do what he can to make amends.

A statement like that might help reduce these sort of incidents in the future. Leading by example is supposed to be a major part of cop culture, after all.


Particularly dumb because it allows the leadership to call you “one bad apple.”


I have to wonder if the cop holding the cameraphone here isn’t the one that had reservations about being such assholes. I imagine he brought it up with internal affairs, but was ignored and decided to take the matter into his own hands.

Then again, I have not been able to watch the video, so maybe the guy holding it is hooting and hollering about how awesome it is to be a dickhead.


Has their chief of police gone on record yet to say that the video does not show the complete chain of events, and that he (it’s always he) is confident the officers acted appropriately?


Well, it’s a shame, but I’m pretty sure that the title of this article isn’t accurate. I’m sure that somewhere in America, there are cops still dumber than this.


Reading the headline I was enraged, but it doesnt quite seem like the db frat party I was expecting to see. Now I have questions…

The stun gun seemed more like a response to his behavior rather than a prank?

I dont see the “jovial mood”, but the laughing is almost like a track… was that the camera operator?

Why the heck is the guy in an administrative area instead of a cell?


These cops aren’t “dumb” they’re criminals who were torturing another human being. They should be charged and put away for a very long time.
I whole heartedly believe that law enforcement officers should be held to a much higher standard and that any of them that are found guilty of a crime, the sentencing should be a mandatory maximum for the offense.


I’m always uncomfortable when this sort of thing gets reposted. The line between legitimately informing the public, and perpetuating the individual’s abuse under the guise thereof, is painfully fuzzy. Would you have posted it if it was abuse of a child? If it was sexual abuse?

Stupid human tricks which feature only the stupid humans in question are one thing. When there’s a victim, I think it’s another.

Your blog, your decision, but I wanted to make sure folks were thinking about the negatives of signal-boosting. My personal take is that this sort of thing didn’t need more than a still, at most… and my own sense of fairness would have been to blur the victim’s identity even so.


Thomas Smith, 28, filed the $75,000 lawsuit against officer Nichole Murphy, chief Derek Miller, and the Pittsburgh-area borough.

That’s almost absurdly forgiving. Must be one of those “Christians” I always hear about, but never see.



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Sooner or later some cop is bound to pull an “Oscar Grant” while taking a selfie.

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The start of the news report has the tag “Going Too Far?”

I don’t think electrocuting a sitting prisoner actually warrants a question mark.


I would be happy if they were subject to the same standards everyone else is!

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“Dumbest” unlikely. “Typical-ist” seems a better title for them. There’s a lot of competition for the dumbest cop in the US. They are torturing a mentally ill person, rather like pulling wings of flies, or swinging a cat by its tail. They are only ‘dumb’ in a moral and ethical sense, they are evidence and crime and need swift sure punishment with perhaps a little tasering on the way.---- No, that would be wrong, but very satisfying.


Pig. Scum.
Like, ‘every week’ again. Fuck…


The civil suit is absurdly cheap by US standards. However, we still don’t know what the criminal charges will be.
It seems to me that this case needs oversight by the ACLU.

agreed. This is a bit disgusting, and i wont watch it.