Video shows sadistic Colorado cops laughing at elderly dementia patient after breaking bones in her arm: "here comes the pop!"

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And to think that some people claim it’s wrong to say all cops are bastards.

The second is obviously a bastard, but the one who hates the sadistic abuse inflicted by other cops, yet doesn’t report it, is also a bastard.


Fox News’ reaction to this will probably be similar to the video of that hippie who got his head cracked open by the Buffalo PD… none at all.

Conservative media will stay quiet about the fact that everyone is a potential target for unchecked police brutality including old white people. Police unions would be freaking out right now if Fox, Newsmax, Oann and The Blaze started talking about this arrest.


ACAB. Always.


More schoolyard bullies given badges and pistols. These complete with the squeamish sidekick who just stands by and watches.

Time for more “consequence culture”, I think.


This is decades in the making, hiring goons that barley made it out of high school to be Law Enforcement Officers is killing our Nation. This is America, everyday of the f’ing week.


With a large dollop of accountability, too.


“You just left walmart, do you need to be arrested right now?”

Good to know, if you leave walmart, you get arrested. Once you go, you have to stay. You can never leave. Is this the frickin security guard?


Usually I feel the need to watch these videos to sort of get a mental catalog -but the description alone makes me nauseated.


This would be national news in any European country. It would be a public outrage. Media would be full of it for days.
In America… meh. Just par for the course.


I used to be a nurse and I worked at a dementia/mental health facility. Older dementia patients mixed with milder psych patients in a locked building. All mobile and low medical care needs. We occasionally had to call out to EMTs for transport to the hospital if someone lost it. This one time a cop came along with them.

My patient was a very elderly woman with alzhiemers that was in acute distress. Screaming, hitting us wiht her slipper, and menacing other patients in an ineffectual way. She needed someone to do some tests and adjust her meds so we just called it in.

Normally this entailed the EMTs coming in, who have the ability to give her injetibles to calm her down, and taking her to the ER, putting her on a 24-48 hour hold, having a doctor see her and adjust her meds or see if she had a UTI, or some other underlying cause, then she would come right back.

Not this time! Fucking cop saw her wack the EMT with her slipper and quarterback sacked this lady, breaking her hip. I remember we all just sat there looking at him, and he looked at us initially smiling like a dog that just did a cool trick.

I had two NAC’s under me that just let loose on him, the EMTs pointed out he broke her hip, and she might never recover or walk again, and I just told him he was a shit human being. I will never forget how proud of himself he looked until everyone there rounded on him. Like he thought he was getting a fucking prize.

That patient never came back. I don’t know if she passed away, or had to go to a more traditional nursing home. He diminished her life, or directly caused her to decline and die.

ETA: Whenever cops do these things to elderly or mental health patients I practically have flashbacks to this event, and you all are cheaper than therapy.


/WaPo sub here

" Civilian oversight is undermined by politicians and police,
who contend citizens are ill-equipped to judge officers"

I disagree. I think officers are just as ill-equipped to judge citizens. Even more so since they seem to have more authority to straight-up kill people.



I can’t even say how It made me angry.


The filth…


No doubt. I can’t imagine the pain she experienced or the distress you felt.

One-year mortality estimates for hip fracture are upward of 25%.


That’ll be $100. /jk

I’m sorry that traumatic event still haunts you, and thank you for sharing it with us. We can help absorb some pain and redirect it in useful areas.


Jesus, and I thought the video of the arrest was bad enough.

True only in that some of them are actually fucking psychopaths, apparently.


Too bad the staff couldn’t detain the responding officer on a 24-48 invol. hold for violent behavior.


Every time a cop got involved in one of our calls it went sideways. Not usually that bad.They were clearly not trained to deal with people with mental health issues.


Are there any sociological studies on why US cops are such bastards? I’ve lived in Germany for almost twenty years and I’ve never heard of this kind of brutality. They do fuck up, for sure, especially at G20 type demos, but this kind of endemic, systemic cruelty just doesn’t exist here as far as I can tell. I actually watched a guy assault a cop on the street here. The reaction? The cop waved the guy’s hands off and kept on talking to him. No mace, no taser, no gun, no broken bones.