CHP officer who stole and shared nude photos of traffic-stop victim claims "it's a game"


And why, exactly, was this officer touching her phone in any way during a routine traffic stop…?

Funny, how this scumsucking anal leech doesn’t realize that his actions are illegal and actionable, both by multiple state AND federal laws.


It won’t suprise me if he soon ‘goes rogue’ and has to be gunned down by his colleagues?

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It’s not like we needed more examples of why FBI director Comey should be ignored, but this does help.


The fact that none of the cops playing this “game” ever thought that this would get out, making the entire force look bad is one of those things I just can’t wrap my head around.


I also would like to know the answer to this.


It’s assholes like this that give anal leeches a bad name.


I have an app for my insurance that displays my most recent card (so I’m never caught with an expired one because I forgot to take the new one along). But I’m rethinking that, now.


That’s about the same thing Hanna Rosin talked about in “Why Kids Sext”. She said the guys in high school are playing the game of Collect the Whole Set.

Radio Interview, Original Article

The victim was arrested for a DUI, which explains how he had the cellphone. Presumably stealing photos was a continuation of pattern of behavior that started back when the cops were routinely rooting around in suspects’ phones.

I may be missing something obvious here ( :tropical_drink: ) but I don’t think a DUI stop translates into a cop going through someone’s phone. The evidence of the crime is the BAC, preferably obtained through a blood sample since breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate. Not the contents of a suspect’s phone. Particularly since recent rulings indicate a warrant is required to search a cell phone.

P.S. Reminder: if in the U.S.A., regardless of whatever crimes you’re likely or unlikely to participate in, you should be using at least a rudimentary lock on your phone so if you do run into a situation where a cop might have access to your phone anything they obtain from it without a valid warrant will be dismissed.


That’s a great insight.

Last time I got verified for a speeding achievement, the procedure was for officer friendly to take the license and insurance paperwork to the patrol car for 10-15 mins.

I’d not let family have my unlocked phone for 60 seconds, within my sight.


The woman said she had given Harrington her cell phone password so that he could find contact information for someone on her phone.

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Ah yes, I’m sure that an excuse to unlock the phone was a part of “the game.”

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Probably one of many games… e.g. who can steal seize the most cash


Movies like Super Troopers which are police cult films show a few pretty realistic example of police gaming and contests. This behavior is pretty universal and accepted, even if not every cop plays, it is considered a fun way to fight boredom as long as nobody gets caught. The border pushing games can later be justified by an engineered cover story, say searching for evidence, if the game is exposed.
Even going back I knew cops in the Portland area while who were upset they had missed the era of the possum hunt and dump contest which ended when the corpses were used in 1981 Possum Scandal to racially harass an African American businessman, the two white officers were fired then reinstated.

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I suspect what the officer did was a violation of the copyright law…

Certainly looks like it. 504 c should get the officer’s attention.

SIlly citizen, those laws are only to protect the wealthy and powerful. Filing a motion like that is just as likely to get you slapped with contempt; because the system has contempt for little people pretending that they can access these laws too.


Send them to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


It makes you wonder how much training police actually get about what they are legally allowed to do (and what they’re prohibited from doing). Or are they basically given a badge and gun and told to go out and kick some ass?