Florida police officer: "Planting evidence and lying in your reports are just part of the game"



You only need to have a look at this page to see how corrupt the Sheriff and his cronies are.
We’re talking documented cases of ties to organized crime, stealing private companies with the power of the badge, covering up murders stealing from evidence, planting evidence… and this list goes on and on and on!


So easy that a brain dead pig can do it…


In the officer’s defense, he does have to deal with Florida Man.


Capital punishment for police officers like this.


Deviants, though, tend to see themselves as operating in the norm, is a problem with this.

Pre-70s, however, the US, anyway, really did not have any substantial self-policing, nothing where there was any sort of assurance of objectivity, and criminal activity of cops was rampant. The FBI pre-70s was also rampant criminal. Both situations remain deeply underreported today, though knowledge of cointelpro, I find in most off-mainstream areas online. The Hoover movie recently did not even begin to touch on the problems, and while a recent NY Times bestseller, Enemies, did… I do not expect to see anything mainstream created from it, or anything much at all.

Obviously, the problem has not magically vanished, despite many advances in policing standards and auditing controls.

At least one problem has been severe recently, and minorly reported on: police agencies taking in money from red light cameras… and police agencies that have evidence exposed of operating quotas for minor offenses.

In the US, though, for the wealthy, what is a three hundred dollar ticket? Nothing. Requirement to appear at court on such and such day and to come up with such money by such and such date? Nothing. For the poor - and really huge swathes of the middle class… these sorts of things are relatively gigantic.

There are, though, many other problems, of course. Like police seizing valuable material without any recourse for the victim. Or police surveillance outside of warrants.

But that even such things as how minor offenses are much more painful for the poor then wealthy show that the entire system is broken, biased, and essentially immoral.


If framing people is part of your job, then no one should be doing your job, and everyone should be making it difficult for you to do your job.


So, in short, everything you need to know to convince you to Never Travel Into the USA. Never spend tourist dollars. Never go to work there. Never, never go there.

Not that there haven’t been plenty of obvious reasons in the past, but what more do you need to hear?


I didn’t know one-sided vengeful screwing someone’s life over is a game. Huh.


This is my problem with reading articles like this (and actually just about all news articles): What do I do next? Write my congress people? Will I just get back a wonderful little reply that won’t result in any action? News is just data. My life is inundated with data. There is so much corruption (and, no, I’m not deluded into thinking this is something new), and I’d like to do what I can to stop it. What do us little people do? I’m tired of getting the old “don’t worry your pretty little head about it” response.

I’m basically of the Mark Twain School of Thought: I believe the best in people but am constantly disappointed.


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Or, go to Gossip Extra and read about the Seth Adams murder coverup the Sheriff has engaged in… one of his deputies shot and killed an unarmed man, potentially when the man came home and found the deputy having sex in the dead man’s secluded, dark driveway. It will be interesting to see how it pans out…

Acts so blatantly contrary to the rule of law by duly-appointed law enforcement officers should be considered nothing less than treason.


Gotta resist them (corrupt systems) however you can and never give up.

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And of course, you got to love the fact the head of Internal Affairs for this agency, Major Robert Van Reeth, allowed himself and his underaged son to be photographed groping a naked, cocaine-addicted prostitute who later gave oral sex to everyone in the club house. This is the HEAD of INTERNAL AFFAIRS! The person in CHARGE of making sure deputies use good judgement, morals and ethics.
Major Van Reeth, Internal Affairs, and the Naked Prostitute Scandal


But it’s okay, because they only plant evidence on and beat/coerce confessions out of people they ‘know’ are guilty.


I see what you’re saying, but we have to remember that even with the seemingly enormous amount of these kinds of stories, by and large it’s on a small scale.
With the instant information age, these things become known and people realize that there are still too many filthy pigs out there, however…
Not enough winds up happening to create full and proper change and serve actual justice. Yea, some cop will get fired (sometimes), someone else above them will get hand-slapped, etc…
And let’s not forget, there are plenty of people in Palm Beach County who have zero problem with what this pig has been doing.
Unless you live in Palm Beach, I doubt anyone is going to care what you think, but in your own city/town, making a call to the mayor’s office and telling your friends to do so is worth it, IMO.
Same with writing your congress person. It’s so easy to do now, you just go to their website and submit. I don’t think many people at all actually do this, because I’ve been contacted back personally by my own rep on more than one occasion.


But hey, cops work hard to keep you safe. You don’t want innocent people to just run wild and do whatever they want, do you? Besides, it probably never happens to nice people like us.


Well to be fair, all of this is still pretty rare. I’ve been to Mexico several times and wasn’t killed by the Drug Cartels.


Oh, definitely. Like the guy says,

If we are dealing with someone, there is a reason for it. We don’t really interact with members of the law abiding public.

Bonus: with the laws they’re breaking by doing this stuff, they even make that true when they’re dealing with each other!