Watch what a cop does when a teen boy tells him to fuck off


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obviously staged IMO. and I really don’t get the point.


That’s how you say “fuck you too” in Bizzarro Land.


uhhh what the fuck?





maybe if you browse their site you’ll get the point.


It does look totally staged but that being said, what the cop did was de-escalate the situation by doing something completely unexpected and non-threatening.
All officers should now receive somersault training for when someone flips them off.


I don’t think that they would remain surprise-a-saults for very long after the training.


Doesn’t have to a surprise-a-sault (love that phrase btw…)
ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS should be REQUIRED to do a somersault if someone tells them to Fuck Off!


Or put on a red clown nose…


This was really just a tragic misunderstanding.
His supervisor had told him:
“In uniform, when you get told to fuck off, you just exercise some assault.”


Uh… yeah it literally is too good to be true… Clickhole is owned by the Onion, all their content is staged surrealist parody…


And that’s why you felt the need to sign up for the BBS 5 minutes ago.


Welcome to BB, comrade!


Plastic badge says “Special Officer.” He must be highly trained in Situation De-escalation Tactics.


This is a parody, folks. It’s also labeled “parody”. There is no point, it’s just supposed to be funny.


That’s not a somersault. That’s just barely a forward roll. I came hoping for more parkour.


Um, LvsA?
Who are you talking to?


Came here to say the same. It isn’t even close to being correct for a forward roll, either.


it’s a proven strategy. whenever anyone threatens me, i go low into a crab stance and start removing articles of clothing. usually by the time i lay on my back, legs kicking at the sky removing my boxers, the perpetrator has fled