Woman banned from parks after pinching policeman's bottom

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“Nobody would miss a slice off a cut loaf”, that’s what my Granny always said.

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Do we know that this was a policeman? I note that the report uses the ungendered third-person “they” and “their” throughout.


Unsurprising to find, after reading the story: she was drunk.


Alcohol is one hell of a drug.

Yup. When it leads to you getting arrested for flashing your tits and grabbing a police officer’s ass in a public park at 2pm on a Friday afternoon… Maybe it’s time to consider giving up the drink (which it sounds like she’s trying to do, according to her lawyer’s statements - but that could just be bullshit talk to get out of a harsher punishment).

Just a regular afternoon in South Shields, @gilbertwham?


Pretty much, aye.


I think we can go with the headline of “assaults” instead of “pinching”.

Because if it was a dude that did it to a lady copper that’s how it should read as well.


Keep it as is. Reserve “assault”, and the associated degree of outrage, for more serious altercations.

Sure, because why use the words correctly. Some assaults are fun!

The word “assault” doesn’t make me outraged, it means “unwarranted contact.” It can be a caress from someone you don’t want contact from and it means the same thing.

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Warning, I am turning into an eight year old.

It was an Ass-sault.

(I’ll go to my room)


Actually, it sounds like the officer initiated the intimacy by searching her… she simply assisted by raising her shirt, and returned the friendly gesture of uninvited physical contact. If she did something wrong, so did the officer, and so did anyone sanctioning all such “stop and frisk”-iness.


Came here to ask the same thing.

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Yeah, sexually assaulting a police officer is generally going to get you some kind of punishment.

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Can I go with you? It’s probably going to be more fun in there then it is out here.

Wait, that sounds like a come on. It’s not. I swear.

I’ll just … I’ll just go to my own room now.


Since we know absolutely NONE of the details of this case aside from the boob flashing and butt squeezing, we don’t actually know WHAT caused the officer to decide that there was cause to frisk her.

Oh, it is fun. But can you handle fun? Can you handle fun?? (Chutes and Ladders may be involved, don’t ask why)


I always called it snakes and ladders. And, yes, I can handle fun.

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