Police officer enjoyed illegally entering naked woman's home and handcuffing her because she "agitated" him

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Jesus H. Christ! Unicorn Chaser Stat!



Just imagine what would happen if someone who wasn’t a cop broke into a woman’s home, assaulted her when she was naked and bound her for his own power trip?

But hey, they had an internal investigation and he retired and suffered no actual penalty, so everything is cool, right?

If you want to know why people don’t report rapes or sexual assaults, it’s because of stuff like this. The cops are just as, if not more likely to be on the wrong side.


Fire that worthless pig.

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I saw Arizona, then Chandler, that’s enough for me…

Gotta go now.


That is really messed up…

Police should be MORE accountable, not less.

He needs to go to jail for this, I’m sure he’s put people in jail for less.


So he’s retiring with a pension. The city should save everybody some trouble and just make out the check to the woman who was his victim… after the lawsuit, I expect that she’ll be getting it all anyway.


Christ almighty that was hard to watch.

If I was that woman, I’d sue the shit out of the police department and the cop himself. I’d take him for his house and car and savings and every last cent he had. What a fucking dirtbag.

Now I’m all worked up. To youtube for kittens!


Is there not an article about this incident yet?


The story the BB post linked to says a lawsuit is planned. The story also indicates the partner of the offending officer reported the incident, which is what triggered the internal investigation.

So in some ways things are proceeding as they should, it’s just weak coverage by BB.

The points of contention are circumstances of the “retirement” and why the offending officer didn’t earn any jail time. My assumption is the retirement was forced as a way for the department to try and distance themselves from the incoming lawsuit.


Un-arresting? Is that a thing? I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing.
More importantly, what he did constitutes sexual assault, normal assault, unlawful detention, utterance of a threat, breaking-and-enter and/or criminal trespass (not sure of the precise legal distinctions there)…


In the interview Rossi admits she gave the cop “attitude”, but I think she’s being hard on herself. The police entered her home without a warrant/probable cause, they tried to arrest her while she was recording the interview. Oh, and they didn’t have the decency to even get clothes on her. I think she was within her rights to react the way she did. Made all the worse because she was the one who contacted them, because of a domestic dispute.


Wait, there must be something missing from the article because I missed the part where Rose was arrested?

The department and the partner must be patting themselves on the back for getting rid of the guy but until police are arrested for the same things the rest of us would be for it is still not good enough.


Why aren’t criminal charges being pressed? Sure, they did an internal investigation but last I check that means exactly dick. If the local DA won’t do it, can we get an FBI investigation in to the local DA and the police dept?


That’s so scary. 108 degrees at 6:30 in the evening?

Beat me to it. She asked them to wait outside, but it was 108 degrees! Good thing it’s a dry heat.

Wouldn’t it be funny if it was 6:30 AM!

this is that fascist pig’s business now that he’s retired.

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For those of you who don’t live in the Phoenix area, here’s the deal as recounted to me by members of both Mesa (adjacent city) PD and Fire:

Neither one wants to be any closer to Chandler PD than they have to be. As in, “friendly fire” casualties when there isn’t even an armed suspect in the neighborhood. As in, an “officer down” call by Chandler PD is the sort of thing that causes radio failure in every other emergency service system for miles.

Yes, they’re just that professional.


Sounds about right, maybe a bit on the cool side.

On a night like that it might get down to 90 by dawn.


They can at least prove groping, and therefore sexual assault. It’s clear on the video he is squeezing her breast. And whatever else she and her lawyer can get.

These lawsuits are never big enough. They don’t hurt the departments or municipalities enough to cause useful response. They just have insurance pay it out, then continue on their way.

Lawsuits like these need to go into the hundreds of millions, a billion even. Just one of these suits should cripple a police department for a decade or more, forcing them to pay more attention to training and public service. A hundred million might do that. A billion dollar judgment could force the state to get involved. A fifty billion dollar suit could make it a national issue. I’m imagining a savvy lawyer who puts together a class action for police abuse victims.