Woman says she was forcibly stripped naked for 12 hours by sheriff

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Forcibly strip me naked once, shame on you.

Forcibly strip me naked several times… still shame on you because seriously WTF.



“Hmm, third lawsuit we have lost over these polices, should we maybe consider changing them? Nah. It’s just taxpayer money.”

There is some serious failure of oversight here.


The more appropriate punishment would be that these officers take a Cersei Lannister walk of shame through Illinois.


Yea, but what if you won a few million every time? Hell, I’d be driving backward with my hazards on! Strip away boys!

Make me do a walk like that and it’s more of a punishment for everybody else.

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I would be seriously surprised to learn that those previous claimants actually succeeded in getting millions of dollars in damages from the department.


Even if they managed to screw the previous claimants out of their damages all of those billable lawyer hours add up. These incidents aren’t cheap for the department, and seemingly pretty easy to resolve with some fairly minor policy changes. Is there a legitimate reason why it is necessary to leave a person naked on the floor for half a day? I’d like to hear them try to come up with one.

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Evil people gonna evil I guess.



Strip searches would be conducted as a last resort.

So now every situation needs a last resort.

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I’ve been to resorts that allow nudity but none that enforced it so violently.


They are the police.
This is what they do.
2 weeks off paid vacation. Next case!

To serve and protect.
I know as a white male I feel safer.

I’d say, it’s a failure of personal consequences. Lawsuits against the police in general merely cost the people their own money, as you also note. The culprits will start caring when their own assflesh is on the grill, not even a fraction of a femtosecond before.


Blame it on the 'roids.

It’s crazy the unions don’t ha e to pay these settlements. They pay for much of the training.

When cops have something to lose, then they might actually care.


Seems fitting. However, I suspect that I would pay to not see that.

Considering how unlikely it is for the police to be punished for violating civilians humans rights I think we are all safe from such a sight.

And of course if we as a society decided that such a punishment was reasonable punishment for the police then it could be argued that it would also be reasonable against civilians. In which case, the original story about this woman being treated inhumanely, would just be standard operating procedure and there would be nothing to punish them for. But I can at least dream of the police getting a bit of the eye for an eye when they cross the line.

We used to tar and feather bad cops, then run them out of town on a rail.

That’s starting to seem less and less disproportionate.


Imagine being the next town on the rail line:
“Looks what we have here. Someone’s been a bad birdy.”