Woman fined for posting photo of police car illegally parked in handicap spot


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I think that we’ve identified one of the problems here.

So, any bets on whether these brave officers would have been fighting the good fight with the Nationalists had they been born early enough?


Nationalists, Communists… The thing is, they were being dishonourable. I hope someone they respect points out you don’t just lose your honour by getting caught.


Nothing says honorable like fining someone $900 when the phrase, “There was a simple misunderstanding…,” would suffice…


That doesn’t look like a photo of a police officer. Perhaps these fine public servants need to repeat their first grade class.


Isn’t that what British cops look like?

Edit: Oops, Spain.


Coulda been worse. She could have been in Dubai.


What about hosting the photos in e.g. USA (where the First Amendment still plays some role), or in Russia (where the authorities would not be likely to cooperate), and allow anonymous sending from Spain (with automatic metadata cleaning/sanitization)?

The Authorities can not fine nor annoy somebody whose identity they don’t know.


They have no fucking honour. Fuck them in the ear


How can one impugn the honour of someone who has none? Insanity.


“impugning honor” is such a dangerous concept to incorporate into law. I’ve been under the impression that this sort of thing has been used to justify coups d’etat.


Like “conduct unbecoming”?


This makes me sad, I thought this particular evil was uniquely American. Rest of the world, don’t follow us down this outrageous path! It sucks on this path!


This is Spain, honor means a lot to them, may be too much.


Is Ethically Handicap a thing? If so police might legitimately qualify…


Is Francisco Franco still dead?


It looks like the Guardia are still not very Civil.


It is not a Guardia Civil car, it is a Local Police one.

Generally speaking, other police forces consider local polices to be little authoritarian dipshits.


So they’ve not only parked in a disabled spot, but they’ve also ruined a perfectly good terrible pun of mine?

Now I’m doubly annoyed at them.


If you hear the discourse of the current Minister of the Interior (author of the current Gagging Law) you could bet it is alive and quite healty.

In fact the Minister spends his spare time praying at the tomb of Franco (I am not fucking kidding).