US Marshals send wrong woman to jail, where she was strip searched and shackled

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along with an apology from the law enforcement agency.

The “Authorities” will give you money before they ever admit fault.


Jeebus… Okay you have figured out you got the wrong person but have to make sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s and still take the person in for awhile cause of waiting for the paperwork. Couldn’t they just say sorry for the hassle but rules say you have to stay in our custody while we work this out, here sit in this room have some coffee would you like any particular type of take out for lunch/dinner while the paperwork gets done? Nope gotta double down on the humiliation.



That’s how the movie Brazil started…


God damn it, you beat me while I was looking for an image to post…


Is there a name, definition, written history, or paper trail for this doctrine of behavior? (Other than “the asshole doctrine, derp”)


Check with the “offended” party[s], I’m sure they’ll give you an ear full.


All the marshals have to do is declare her an “unlawful combatant.” All fixed.


Now, the US Marshals are going to have to cut her a check, and there’s no protocol for that…


And good luck getting them to even give you money.


Yes, that was a bit of salt in the wound, I really need to cut back on the “sarcasm”. Or not…


"The cost was $536 for the bail bondsman, something Hinson hopes at the very least to recoup . . . " hilarious. cops don’t apologize and their departments only pay out large sums when someone dies.


Y’know what?

I’m voting for whoever finally mans up and initiates a bill where all the money paid out in civil suits comes directly from the pension fund of the offending police department.

Yes, I realize that means I probably won’t be voting for a very long damn time.


Yeah… cos it’s not their money, it’s ours; it doesn’t affect their accounts. :confused:

We bail out incompetence every time, ensuring nothing changes


That’s not true, When the law covers up what they do, YOU NEVER SEE JUSTICE FOR WHAT COURTS, FALSE ARREST, nothing, EVEN WHEN YOU FIGHT FOR A POST CONVICTION, , attorneys and judges make sure you never get an attorney to represent you in truth. I was fined , sentenced, on a not guilty plea, led into court in handcuffs , shackles, , they covered it up, said I WAS CRAZY, , more than just that 1 time. I have my papers , post con. relief and more, The marshall that arrested judge lanier, TOLD ME I would probably never see justice for the hell I WAS PUT THROUGH, by law and courts and corrupt here. THEY WILL NOT LET YOU. they have doctors and nurses and more , evil as they are to lie and cover for their colleagues,. even tbi agent hughes, told a chief in another state, he was worried about me, , I STILL HAVE HIS CARD, HE SAID AGENT HUGHES TOLD HIM TO CHECK ON ME, HE SAID PEOPLE IN POWER PUT HER THROUGH HELL IN TENNESSEE. I had to pay money for bond I NEVER GOT BACK. on false arrests, THEY KNEW , but that is the evil way corrupt , in TENNESSEE, make sure, all are covered in lies and cover up, that’s how some people can get by with murder. I LIVED, KAREN SWIFT DID NOT LIVE TO TELL HER STORY. evil and corrupt never stop they always have someone else to do their dirty work. in TENNESSEE.

You beat me to it.

…only pay out large sums when someone dies and there is a ‘smoking gun’ video that gets leaked to the press. FTFY.

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I like the police version of the story better because in that one nobody is deprived of their rights, tortured and punished without due process.


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