Woman jailed for 49 days because of a bureaucratic mistake


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I remember when something like this happened to Mother Teresa.


I don’t know where to begin with the things that are wrong with that. I’ve emphasized the most egregious aspects which comprise almost the entire sentence–the grammatical sentence, that is, although in a reasonable justice system neither that sentence nor the one the woman served would exist.


what are you, a grammar alt-right?


A horrible nightmare. This systems is a death and dismemberment machine.


Was her lat name Tuttle?


Better call Saul!


What could go wrong? :smiley:


"a series of bureaucratic errors and zero accountability from authorities are evidence of the systemic inhumanity experienced by citizens who lack the financial resources to fight back"
A.K.A. Justice


Eatman spent ten days behind bars before she even got to see a judge. When finally brought before the court, the judge did not believe her contention that her probation had ended decades earlier. Eatman was ordered held without bond, which is normally reserved for murderers and major flight risks.

Name and shame the judge.

but the aggressive policing of cigarette sales (using beat cops to ensure vice taxes are being adhered to by working poor and people of color)



AKA: Tuesday


It seems like parts of chicago are getting downright hellish these days.




When you don’t need a criminal lawyer as much as you need a criminal lawyer.


Murican Justice!!!




OMG subject saw a judge on it 10d in, noting supposed age of the issue, and was disbelieved at no-bond level.
Putting Eatman through a database is supposed to get the kind of janky animated series where the lead eats weapons and can pop them out of their skin later. 2 series .JP, 2 .MX, maybe a .bz.
Don’t they have to throw her in the parole-offender-22-years-tardy tank first? Does that not have a special door that just goes into an open park or something? TO ENTER THIS DOOR, ONE WHATEVER MAY. Maybe if she has to be in caged transport the officer first has to get stuff like a yes machine or focus device or a second squad car or special edition Lay’s and 2 full carafes of restorative tea and draw sensible paperwork? Wow. Also misread that jail official made remedy by ‘raising holy hell with the prosecutor’s office’ when it was Cook County Sheriff Office chief officer.

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