Woman jailed for not returning video she rented 9 years ago




If my library did this I’d be on America’s Most Wanted.


The police chief was probably next on the waiting list for the movie…



May I remind everyone once again that banksters who perpetrated the greatest failure of the world economy since the great depression have not spent a day behind bars.


A video tape? Even going back to 2005 that seems strange.


Seems like she wasn’t arrested so much for not returning the tapes as for ignoring the arrest warrant they sent to her. That frankly never ends well. The only problem I have is that the warrant was sent regular certified mail so there’s no record that anyone ever actually received it. The courts presume it was delivered, but I don’t know how many time I’ve gotten other people’s mail because the letter was stuck in between pieces of my mail and the carrier didn’t notice it. I’ve even had a lawsuit against someone else “served” on me where whoever “served” it stuck it between my screen door and the mail door and left. The law office was a bit put out when I called them and told them I had no clue who this person they were trying to sue was, they hadn’t been at this address for at least the 7 years I’d lived there and probably longer since they weren’t the person who lived there before me, and did they want to send someone to pick up their paperwork or should I just throw it in the trash? After all that, I can see someone not actually receiving a warrant if it was just mailed to them.


There are sick, twisted freaks like this, roaming America’s streets freely, and some people want to repeal the death penalty?


Why wasnt she jailed for renting it?

But seriously, bankers.


“Warrants never expire”, but the charges on which a warrant is based do. Come on law enforcement official–there is a legal concept called statute of limitations. For many states, that is 3 years on a felony (excluding some forms of homicide). Unless this lady had fled the jurisdiction or deliberately had absconded in order to avoid arrest, there would be no tolling of that statute. That warrant should have been recalled years ago.


There are some good comments in the discussion on /.

If you’re really interested in this story, you should check them out.


So, what now? The taxpayer pays to keep this woman in jail? For a flippin’ video tape?


Buck Feta


Isn’t this really just a civil matter? Not a criminal one?


The laws for business aren’t the laws for you or I.


LIBOR, HSBC. Not a day in jail. That is all.


I for one will sleep sounder tonight knowing that this vicious criminal is behind bars where she belongs.


6th Amendment anyone? Right to a speedy trial ‘n’ all that? There’s no way in hell the case could be brought to trial.


The important question is what movie it was.


“Monster in Law” i believe