Man arrested for not returning VHS rental 14 years later


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Citizens, rejoice. The law was upheld, the perpetrator got caught and arrested and will no more pose danger to the innocent VHS tapes.

Any negligence has to be punished.


In an unsurprising twist the man had previously been arrested for the crime of actually wanting to watch Freddy Got Fingered.


If he actually watched the movie, I think he’s been punished enough. I consider that worse than realizing you’re a bad parent and an irresponsible gun owner by getting shot in the back by your own kid.


Coming in 2017, the squeal to Freddy Got Fingered: Jimmy Gets Fingerprinted


There’s no statute of limitations on this?


Whatever the silliness here, the officers did a fine job of letting him turn himself in later in the day.


It’s an awful movie, but it should not be criminal to rent it.

Do they have fashion police in Concord, NC also?


and they didn’t even taze him. Medals for everyone!


Also, did this store not have a credit card on file? Every VHS I ever rented was backed by an agreement that they would charge me for the movie if it was not returned.


Not right away. But then it turned out that he also didn’t follow the “be kind, rewind” rule…


I’d think that not being able to rent VHS tapes for the last 14 years… since 2002! is punishment enough.


“What you in for?”

“Failing to turn in a VHS rental in 2002”

“No. What are you really in for?”



“Littering… and creating a nuisance”

(The Group W Bench)


If you are going to get arrested for failure to return a VHS tape, then it better be Freddy Got Fingered. Gotta maximize the WTF.


And in 2021, the final chapter of this epic trilogy, in which our career criminal finally gets put to the electric chair.

Freddy Got Electric Bungalooed


Well, that’s the needle for him, then.


Having been to Concord … no, they most certainly do not.


A misdemeanor for not rewinding was added to the charges.


You beat me to it!