VHS is making a comeback


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No. No! Back into the pit where you belong, VHS!


I’m okay with this so long as it serves to educate the type of people who inexplicably have adopted nostalgia for cassettes.


It wasn’t that bad. It was just surpassed by DVD before the format really had a chance to show what it could do



I’m holding out for a bar where all the music is stored/played on wax cylinders.


so free = no rewind fees? :joy:


Gavin called it first!




Wot? No β-max?


Are they looking for donations?


How times do change…

“I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone.” ~ Jack Valenti, then president of the MPAA


This should make the millions upon millions of VCR owners very happy.



And in other news, the stock prices of mylar industrials went up 5% on the news. Bain Capital, owners of both the new video venture and the nation’s largest mylar manufacturer TapeWeAre, claimed there was no stock manipulation involved, but an SEC investigation was opened this morning.

it’s a joke


Next you’ll be telling me that Betamax is making a comeback.


Not much of a comeback unless i’m misunderstanding the post. This is just a single Alamo Drafthouse’s VHS collection finding a place to be housed at.


I want to call it ridiculus, but I admit to having bought several VHS tapes recently. I’m only looking for stuff that hasn’t been released on better media, though, and the first thing I do with the tapes is to capture them, so I have a digital recording.

What I don’t understand is people that try to sell titles that are easily available. E.g. someone was trying to sell a complete James Bond collection on VHS recently, for more than the price of a brand new blu-ray set. Who would buy that? Same with blank tapes. Why would anyone record anything at all on new blank tapes today?


Modified into a DAT player/recorder, actually yes, they’ve always been reasonably popular to a narrow niche of users. I still see one in a recording studio, every now and then.

@Trond_Michelsen Perhaps the owner of a camcorder?


There’s only one movie i’m looking for that doesn’t have a DVD/Blu-ray. However i’m too lazy to buy a VHS player and jump through the hoops to get a digital transfer of it.