Only one Blockbuster Video Store left standing


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Getting harder and harder to find a good buggy whip, too.


Is that the one with Russel Crowe’s jockstrap on display?


I came across one in Madras, OR in October 2014. Quite a rareity even then.


that’s one more than i thought there were.


Time to pull the tape out of a VHS cassette for our fallen homies.


Be kind, rewind.


I would recommend looking in the BDSM shop in your neighborhood. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I hear Trump is going to bring back Blockbuster.


I didn’t realize that any locations still existed at all.



Only took 30 seconds.

Or, if you need a fancy model

In many places outside of a city, you can probably find one in person in less than a 10 mile drive.

Just saying, finding a block buster is much much harder. :slight_smile:


You mean John Oliver’s promotion didn’t help?



“According to Kelli Vey, Blockbuster’s district manager for the Fairbanks, Alaska area …”

I don’t understand. How many stores in the Fairbanks, Alaska area again? And does this mean that there are other “district managers”?


How many hours did Mrs. hungryjoe and I spend trying to agree on a video to rent in Blockbusters, Hollywoods, and Hastings? And nearer and dearer to my heart, Payless video in Denton, TX? So crazy that’s not part of our lives anymore.


Maybe it’s like a mothballed military organization with a cadre and structure of ranks that their numbers don’t merit, so that new recruits can be slotted in quickly in an emergency?


And now they are switching to sleeper cells, waiting to emerge once America is great again.


You can buy something?


Candy, popcorn, sodas, posters, etc. etc. I’ve never actually bought any of these in a Blockbuster, but I did notice they were for sale. Keep in mind that was when I was skinny and poor. Now that I’m fat and affluent, I still wouldn’t buy them. Probably.