Woman jailed for not returning video she rented 9 years ago

Ah yes. Just caught that in the news article. Was it worth it? J-Lo and Jane Fonda.

Maybe it was.

Let’s just hope she didn’t make a copy of it !


Interesting that this forum has 22 comments at the current time and your link to slashdot has 170 clickthroughs. I often wonder what the ration of readers of comments:posters of comments is here. Very often stories get 0 comments but that’s not necessary an indicator of traffic, perhaps Rob would lift the curtain sometime.

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That’s your only problem with this? How about the fact that criminal law is being used to handle something that could easily be handled under civil law? She did nothing criminal. At most she was negligent under her video rental contract. That means that the video company should have filed a small claims suit or sent it out for collection. Involving the police in this is a gross abuse. What next? Should someone be arrested for being late on a phone bill?


her biggest crime is her taste in movies.


Why would they? The prison system in the usa is exclusively for the (wage)slave population, and oppressed minorities. Or am I missing something about american law?


Certified mail is signed for by the receiver. It’s not just left at your mailbox.

Truth! Sadly, here is the reaction of most Americans… Although few do it as adorably as Jeff Goldblum, but still. This is how they feel:


About 500 views, so ~3-4%? Maybe knock a little off for people responding to previous comments.

The statute of limitations is the time between the crime and the commencement of the prosecution. An arrest warrant begins the prosecution. There is no time limit once a warrant is issued.

Fucking Blockbuster!

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I suspect that there is much more to the story. It appears unlikely that the police in question have cleared their blotter to the point that executing a warrant for a trivial, nine-year-old offense was the best use of their time. So it would be interesting to know who was upset with the woman for what, and who misused their authority. One could also question the judgement of the arresting officer and whoever auhorised the arrest.


I wonder if she lives in one of those states that has privatized prisons


You are correct. Had a mind burp on that one.

She has thousands of friends now. We should do something about this.

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Go on.

Perhaps she wasn’t kind and didn’t rewind.


does anyone else think it’s maybe a bit tabloid and hysterical to use the word “jailed” to describe spending a night in a cell while under arrest? when i read “jailed” i think custodial sentence.

No it’s correct; jailed is before sentencing, and prison is post sentencing.


Supposedly A History of Violence is the last major release on VHS

Also The Ring came out in 2002 and I saw it later by renting it on tape, which really did add to the effect.