America's surveillance court rubber-stamped every single surveillance warrant in 2015


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Complain if you like, but how do we know that agent’s ex-wife hasn’t gone over to ISIS? Hmmm?


Why even bother with the court?

Let’s simply acknowledge that the various-three letter spy shops are going to do

  1. Whatever the fuck they want
  2. Whenever they fucking please
  3. To whomever they want to fuck with


This just goes to show just how careful law enforcement is about selecting surveillance targets. They were right 100% of the time, the judges confirmed it!


Well, she is up to something. She has been staying at someone else’s house every night this week. And once she noticed me she closed the blinds. Plus our kid, Donny, said to me when we met at a the park with the court-mandated neutral, third-party observer that he’s “got a new uncle”. That’s awfully suspicious. I’ll get to the bottom of this, no matter how long it takes for Martha to take me back!


The question is whether the government is not bringing certain cases to the court* because they know they won’t get approved, though. Maybe the courts have made it really, really clear where the line is at which point they won’t give a warrant. (This of course would be entirely secret.) Still, you’d think there would be at least one edge case that wouldn’t get approval, which rather indicates it’s a rubber stamp.

*I mean, besides the warrantless surveillance that is also happening. (Which seem more like instances where the government just said, “fuck it, we can’t even be bothered with the rubber stamp” rather than being cases where they knew they wouldn’t get approval and went the illegal route.)



Why did they release this document at all. Thought the whole FISA court shebang was secret … because of Freedom or something


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