Woman suing US Gov't for body cavity search and bill for $575


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Whoever probed her needs to lose their medical license.

Fucking unethical coward.


Six hundred bucks? That’s it? If anything, she should pick up the entire tab for proving her non-guiltiness, instead of foisting the cost of her own harassment on the hard-working American taxpayer!*


  • Thanks, Obama!


Does one of the possible outcomes of the suit involve every one of the perpetrators, including whoever authorized that $575 bill, being dragged out into the street and publicly whipped?

The article doesn’t say.


I’ve been mulling over a call for bringing back tarring and feathering. Doesn’t have to be painful. But I think the humiliation value might be worth it.


WTF, America. WTF.


How do we contribute to her legal fund?


In this case though, I think the tar should be really hot…


I think the government that supports this kinda of stuff should be dissolved.

Whats the country?


Well… lets get serious about these little flirtations with voilence shall we?

I say… head on a pigpole. Set it on fire. Make a scene.

If you’re gonna be a bloody tyrant do it right, or don’t do it at all…

Cause whippings floggings and tar and featherings are one thing. Also the tar causes severe burns. Tarring and feathering is a particularly cruel form of murder.

When the threat of death just isn’t scary enough… make it long and horrible and ensure everyone watches.

I like the option where none of that happens, at all… because everyone decides if we all go home at the end of the day every day will be a pretty good day in the long run. No one murderdeathkills anyone.

Or we just fully commit to it… so the people around after that bad idea, and every bad idea like it, will realize the error of their ways for a while and stop willy nilly massacreing one another for a while.

Its a slippery slope. Made slippery by all that blood people spill. And here in America its over important stuff like parking spots and who mowed whos lawns and who’s wife is she anyway.


The lesson here is: American cops will rape you and send you the bill.

And the next Josef Mengele is working in a hospital in Arizona near the Mexico border.


For all the consternation I hear over immigrants it seems like some of the worst threats are on this side of the border.


How about a Game of Thrones style Walk of Shame?


It seems improbable that this is an isolated incident.

Even if the “sent for an x-ray, probed instead” (WTF?) aspect is a one-off, I’m guessing many people have been billed for investigative (i.e., non-medically indicated) x-ray imaging. How would that happen out of nowhere, if it wasn’t SOP (or at least an option within CBP’s discretion to exercise)? And since when do exonerated suspects pay the cost for an investigation?

Imagine how abuses like this could scale if a border “wall”, with the garrison of militarized border guards it would require, is actually implemented.


Depends on if you use petroleum-based tar or the pine tar that preceded it.


This. Doctors should not be performing any unwanted medical procedures on anyone. Someone being coerced by the police cannot give consent. Even with consent should not be performing non-medically indicated procedures. The AMA should come out with a clear position of zero cooperation with law enforcement to perform searches of any kind (certainly including x-rays which carry with them small but non-zero risk, and should never be performed for non medical reasons). I understand that this brings with it the risk that those searches will be done by untrained law enforcement weasels, but the medical profession should not be participating in this sort of unethical activity.



Since there’s more than one offender, a human-centipede of shame might be attempted.


This is NOT an isolated incident. It happened also in New Mexico, for example.


I think it would be better if all parties involved received the EXACT same treatment. Maybe then they’d think twice.