Pulled over for running a stop sign results in multiple police-ordered anal probes




At least the children were protected from this dangerous man’s supply of narcotics.



What a shit show.


There isn’t one single detail of this story that isn’t a gross violation of the law.

And the hospital (which acted illegally and without consent) is trying to get payment from – you guessed it – the victim.

Is Arizona spilling over into NM?


Hey, FREE COLONOSCOPY! Why is this guy complaining?


I know people who’d pay a lot of money for all that.


Well, among other reasons, he’s complaining because they ARE charging him for it.


I can think of a few people who should be made to pay for it


O beautiful for stop and frisk,
Big Brother’s spying game,
For indefinite detainment
And anal probing pain!
America! America!


Now that’s some expensive shit.


ACAB. That is all.


I just…what in the…what? So all of these thought processes had to occur:

  1. Cop: “That guy looks a little clenchy. Could be gas, but better try to get a warrant to look in his ass.”
  2. Judge: “You want a warrant to search someone’s anus for a traffic stop? Maybe multiple medical procedures? Yeah, that seems reasonable.”
  3. Doctors and nurses: “You want me to perform multiple enemas and then an invasive medical procedure against someone’s will, and also for no medical reason? Yeah, sure, the Hippocratic oath probably covers that.”


None of this would be necessary if we did what Clapper wanted, and never leave the house without an NSA tracking plug inserted up there. Because 9/11.


Do you see what happens, Larry? Do you see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass?!


“Appeared to be clenching his buttocks”?

Obviously the police can say whatever bullshit excuse they want for making a search.


I think you’ll find it’s “fight a stranger in the alps”


Given their oft-demonstrated proclivities, my buttocks are always clenched if there’s an overtly “macho” officer of the law around.


Gah! That story made me clench my buttocks. I wonder if the cops and doctors involved will have to register as sex offenders.


Fuck the cops, they are doing exactly what is expected of them, it’s the doctors involved I want to look in the eye.