New Jersey police officers probe man's anus in desperate search for marijuana


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There is no drug crime even close to heinous enough that cavity searches could be justified as an effective preventative/acceptable punishment.


That’s some quality policing. Nice that the cops were identified. I wonder what their family and friends think of their enthusiasm for search and seizure of man bits.

Careful driving through Southampton County, folks. Andrew “Assburgler” Whitmore and Joseph “Sackhands” Drew are still on active duty.


On video? With that audio? Civil law suit.
(If only there was a way to stipulate that any compensation must come from the precinct’s pension fund, and not taxpayer dollars.)

I know no criminal charges will be filed; they wouldn’t stick even if there were.


Cops is just cuckoo for chronic nuggets.



You would think they would learn…


This guy won’t have to worry about going to work soon, he’s going to be a rich guy. Even NJ courts should recognise sexual assault by a police officer when they see it.


I mean some guys pay extra for that kind of action.


In college we were desperate enough to scrape the resin out of bongs, but if these cops were desperate enough to try smoking dingleberrys, well, hat’s off to them.


New Jersey, New Mexico, yet the same old broken system.


Eew that comment just makes it… well… kinda rapey. Honestly, cavity searches for pot are already beyond extreme, but the fact that they didn’t find any and that comment was recorded. Well I hope he sues.


OMG, that kid is hilarious.

“Oh, yo, sorry if my dick gets hard.”


but they placed the man under arrest anyway, for having “the odor of marijuana.”

How is that even a crime? How do they prove it in court?

I once had a cop claim my car smelled like weed, but I had never smoked, ever. I was a pizza delivery guy at the time, so it might’ve been that.


New Jersey State Troopers have long been addicted to “anus weed”.


But maybe he had been baking potatoes!


A quick google says a cavity search can only be performed if there is a warrant, suspect is near a border or airport, or upon incarceration.

So why are these two ass cops still on the force?


The problem is that it is like any other kind of smoke - it sticks to your hair and clothes. Years ago, I went to an outdoor concert were people could smell weed in the air. I’m sure a lot of folks in the area smelled like it, but had nothing to do with it. The guy in the video asked what law covered that, and I had the same question.


New Jersey is entirely within the 100 mile border zone, but I don’t know whether it grants state police the same extra-grabby-pokey powers as border agents.


When did NJ police start to dress up in SS uniforms? creepy

And this dude will be able to buy a ton of weed once these assgrabbers get fired and the civil suit goes thru. Welcome to California Mr. Spiccoli! I’ll be your bud tender today and any day you care to stop by our establishment. Your money is always good here, sir! Welcome! Where do we start?


That’s pretty wild to take a close look at that map. Especially if you thought a border was a boundary between two countries.