Feds subject drug suspect to vaginal/anal probe, X-ray, CT Scan, without a warrant -- find nothing


Welcome to the People’s Republic of Chi … oh, wait, wrong country


Another one of these insane “dog alert” stories. Dog reactions prove nothing at all.


Either this is a repost or god damn America you got a problem


Why is it when a civilian does it, it’s rape, (or “rape by instrumentation”), but if cops do it, it’s “illegal probing”?


we gota ditch dogs and start using those smelling bee’s.
even then. it should stop at an X-ray at most.

if the x-ray doesnt show shit, you stop there. no need for enemas and digital probing, you’re not gona find anything a fucking x-ray missed. Drugs are BIG, heavy, things. Not like cancerous cells or whatever else. it’s a plastic hallow container with another container inside of it. you can see that shit in an x-ray for fucks sake


“Either this is a repost or god damn America you got a problem”

This is the third such story to surface recently – there are two lawsuits underway in New Mexico where people were cavity searched after a traffic stop (allegedly the same uncertified drug dog was used both times), and now this one in Texas where someone was searched violated at the border.


Are these the last frantic gasps of the drug war trying to eliminate freedom in the US? If the goal is to solidify opposition among the general public against prohibition, they are doing an excellent job.


So I’m pretty sure nothing worse than a brief payed vacation will happen to the cops, but all the medical personnel involved should lose their licenses to practice for not even insuring that is was legal before doing that to someone who didn’t consent.


The solution to all of these authoritarian problems is so obvious: criminal charges against the perpetrators AND the people giving the orders. Instead we get court cases against public institutions, they settle out of court, and when they pay a fine or settlement it is with the people’s own money. It is pretty clear that those fines and settlements are not a deterrent against future bad behavior.

Now, you must understand that criminal charges will and must go through trial. This is critical. Sometimes what appears to be unconscionable behavior to us, the outside viewer, will turn out to have been reasonable under the scrutiny of an informed jury. Criminal charges do not mean just punishing cops or agents of the government at random. Criminal charges can only mean punishing criminals. The innocent will be found innocent.

(Yes, I realize this ignores the many flaws of the criminal justice system… but if it is good enough for you, it is good enough for a cop or politician. Right?)

Not having the trial, and instead having settlements, has a compounding negative impact because it is both not a deterrent and also eliminates the critical thinking. Without trials, we do not have judges and juries thinking deeply about these problems and coming to conclusions and judgements that can further be studied and understood. Instead we just get meaningless arguments between uninformed zealots.

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This is why I still own a gun.


Oh, you mean like these guys:


Shooting it out with the DEA? What could possibly go wrong?


I’m thinking that a lot of the insanity we’re seeing in US society right now is from the last gasp of failed ideologies. At least that’s what I hope.


While I obviously think this is awful, anyone know what the legality is of this? The laws are way different when it comes to crossing the border; and there aren’t the same requirements for obtaining warrants as there are in purely domestic circumstances.

Well it might beat getting anally probed…


Nothing good would come of it I’m sure. Gives me the choice between getting raped or getting shot while trying to escape I guess, if I even had it with me.

I’m not sure how I’d react being pulled over for a busted tail light, and realizing I’m about to get sodomized by several people with several objects because they suspect my ass may hold drugs. Some violent end might be preferable to the degradation and violation of it all.

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Well this is a good case to illustrate the failings of drug dogs. It should make their signaling not enough for probable cause, for a search, in the future.


“Just Say No” meets “No Means No.” Ick.

If we’re really supposed to believe it’s possible to fight a War On Drugs then can we at least prosecute abuses like this as war crimes?


I’d settle for prosecuting abuses as regular crimes.