Texas cops smell weed in black woman's car so they stick hand up her vagina in public


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Good God!!


Felony sexual assault in a public place means there should be some video proof the police can’t squelch, right?


Until specific officers involved in this incident are identified, it’s probably safest to assume that all of the Houston police are sexual predators.


Makes one wonder how the slang term “pig” came to be, doesn’t it?


.02 oz? Why that is like 567 milligrams! That’s enough to give or sell 1 milligram to 567 kids, condemning them to a life of pot addiction and track marks from pot needles!


Holy crap. A story I would’ve expected from Russia or China …

That any official dares to defend something like this…


What the everlovingfuck is happening in this country?
Have we all gone mad?
Have we no humanity left that treating each other this way seems acceptable?


Adding this to the long list of incidents to remember when someone tries to tell me that there is no such thing as white privilege, or that racism is no longer an issue, or that if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to fear from the police.


Half a gram is like, what, half a joint?

I don’t remember my case law all that well but I’m pretty sure that on identifying a “suspicious odor” the cops can search a car but cannot, without finding anything else, search a person except for doing a “pat down” for weapons. And certainly doing a body cavity search under these circumstances is unconstitutional, regardless of whether that’s in public view or not. The only time a body cavity search would be allowed is after arrest or, of course, with a warrant.


Can someone tell me the volume of 0.02 oz. of pot? A teaspoon? 1/2 tsp? 1/4 tsp?


Assuming an equal density to cork (I’m estimating, I honestly have no idea, but if anything I’d guess MORE dense), you’re looking at a little under half a teaspoon.


1 tsp = 0.167 OZ
1 ml = 0.034 oz
So about 2/3 of a milliliter.

volumes are measured in standard planted evidence equivalences.


yeah nothing in the present either, the stuff that’s happening is something from the past, it’s just that the future has been distributed widely enough now that we can really see the past clearly.


Texas. Land of humidity and injustice.


Please, PLEASE! Stop posting things regarding TEXAS!

BTW: The next time Texas wants to secede from the Union, I’m sending them some cash for the cause.


0.134 teaspoons. Ish, obviously.


You already send them cash for the cause. Texas is a net drain on the federal treasury…


A typical £20 quid bad is 1.5g. So about a third of a little baggie.