Cushy plea deal for Maryland Judge who had defendant tortured in court


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Good. Let’s hope this vindictive judge gets a taste of his own medicine.

Seriously. Shocking someone in court who’s reading a prepared statement like that… For fuck sake.

What is this? Abu Ghraib?

"Your hono–"BZZZZZTTTT…“The defense rests… As it tries to catch it’s breath and remember exactly what he was going to say after a fucking wall of pain in the middle of court.”

Knowing arrogant dickheads, he’ll violate parole flagrantly. With any luck whoever sentenced him isn’t his buddy who’ll ignore any violations.


hmm, good thing Trump isn’t going to make it. Cruz would only pardon this guy if he did if for Jesus.


I vaguely get the idea of letting the air out of someone’s tires…but if they parked in your spot that’s not really helping is it? Why not just call the tow company? Cause I’m assuming it’s HIS space, like with his name on it - I’m not bring sarcastic with that, the local court house uses a mixed use public accessible parking deck where the lower levels are reserved by name or department.


I’m told that the applicator tips for most generic tubes of superglue will fit easily into the doorlock of your bog-standard automobile. Works even better for autos parked in easy-to-notice parking spots.


$1900? I want one for my boss, he does over splaining a lot.


Stun Cuffs? FFS. Justice isn’t blind, she has looked away.


… covering her ears while yelling “I CAN’T HEAR IT WHEN LITTLE PEOPLE SCREAM!”


he deflated someones tires? …a grown ass man did that?


Are there no consequences for the deputies that actually carried out the shocking?


Yes, yes indeed a grown ass-man did that.

Here in Delaware we are proud to say that Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey make our corrupt, inefficient and bumbling state government look good. Which really takes some effort on their part.


Years ago I stopped watching a bad sci-fi dystopian movie because the stun-collars prisoners wore was too far-fetched. Life has become a Kafkaesque farce.

What’s next, for-profit prisons putting explosive charge neck-collars on prisoners with proximity detectors around the outer fence?


Almost certainly. I’d bet money on it. Prison owners would be able to decrease payroll outlay and at the same time funnel money back into a indirectly owned subsidiary that would supply the collars. The potential profit enhancement is huge.


One gets the impression this particular judge isn’t the brightest plant in the pot.


What about the deputy? At the next BoingBoing event, if I tell you to punch Doctorow in the nose and you do it, should I be the only one to get in trouble?


I did not shoot him.


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Just don’t pair up the collars and allow the prisoners to figure out which other prisoner their collar is paired up with.


This demonstrates quite clearly, that plea bargaining is toxic to justice. It lets idiots like this off the hook, and intimidates the innocent into pleading guilty for a lighter sentence.

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So how much is the person who was shocked seeking in their civil lawsuit against the judge and/or the deputy?