Judge throws off robe, kicks ass in court after defendant struggles with officer


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Christ, what an asshole (the defendant.)


Now that’s what I call an “activist judge.”


If only that judge had had a gun, he would be alive today! Well, one of them.


Critic: Our next movie is “McBain”, another shoot-em-up, push-em-through-the-plate-glass-window splatterfest from the Hollywood cookie cutter. Here’s a typically brainless scene.
[show scene]
Captain: Senator Mendoza is one of the most respected citizens in the state, McBain. And yet, you ran his limo off a cliff, broke the necks of three of his bodyguards and drove a bus to his front door!?
McBain: But captain, I have proof that he’s head of an international drug cartel!
Captain: I don’t wanna hear it, McBain! You’re outta here!
[McBain punches the captain out of the window and plummets into the fountain]
McBain: That makes two of us.


His name is McBain. Judge McBain.


Hold on, am I meant to feel sympathy for the guy resisting cuffing?


Fuck yeah.
I mean, the defendant is clearly an asshole of the highest order, and he’s violating Irene Adler’s rule #1:
Know when you are beaten.


I always assumed none of them wore pants under the robe. I stand corrected.




That’s typically the case but when the Honorable Judge McBain saw Larson’s name on the docket for that day he decided to wear pants, figuring that an ass-whuppin’ might be in store.


This judge is hip.


I haven’t watched the video but did the judge order him tased because of how recklessly he was throwing around those pronouns? A stenographer could get hurt trying to record that.


That fella seems to think restraining orders are “playing hard to get.”


Dammed activist judiciary!



“Y’all are buddy-buddy” fuck offfffffffff


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