Suspected robber/murderer wears "Crime Pays" shirt to court


Makes you wonder how we would have appeared in court if he’d been charged with indecent exposure.


Of course the judge knew that this shirt was purely a fashion statement that was specifically made to match the “Pre-Heat” Nike Air Max Lebron VIII South Beach edition shoes that plays off of both Grand Theft Auto & Miami Vice.

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A friend of mine is a defence attorney here in Toronto, he once had a client, up on an arson charge, that wore a t-shirt that said “Torch”, he has the shirt framed in his office.

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Miami Vice called, and it wants its font back.

Ok, I opened this story ready to make snarky comments about both the stupidity of the defendant, but also that the judge wants to be the fashion police, however, reading the story, it’s vastly different than what I was assuming it would be.

Sounds like the guy got basically shafted by the jail into wearing this, and, the Judge was rightly not amused that a criminal defendant was forced into clothing nearly guaranteed to be prejudicial to the individual. Unless there is yet MORE to the story, or the implication on just who the judge was angry at was miscommunicated, seems like a pretty correct response to a problematic situation.


It’s downright dishonest to make T-shirts that say ‘crime pays’. Now, nicely tailored collared shirts that look good with a suit and tie, those are a suitably honest place for the saying, as it’s often actually true there…


Perhaps as a Lapel pin? Something equally suitable for a politicians suit jacket, or for a police uniform.

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Hope Pesco doesn’t mind, but I edited the title by one letter.

Due to the blasted, non-Euclidean geometry of this eldritch jail, the defendant was unable to turn the shirt inside-out.


Even the victim’s father seemed a bit concerned…

He expressed disappointment about Jakson's shirt and the fact that Jalon arrived more than an hour late for the hearing.

“We know that the lawyer should make an effort to present [his client] in a more socially acceptable manner, a more decent and human way,” he said.

(sound’s like the suspect’s lawyer was an hour late and thus didn’t screen the shirt)

Yeah, reading the rest of the story, and, assuming it’s reported fairly accurately, this seems like a relatively airtight sort of deal. I’d not rule out, as a skeptical reader, that the story just parrots the prosecution’s arguments as fact, but assuming for now that it doesn’t, that’s the impression. In which case, the prosecution and family members of the victim should be the ones most annoyed about this.

These kinds of shenanigans can only damage what might otherwise be a simple case. It doesn’t benefit them whatsoever, and, admits the possibility, however slight, of some wedge being driven into the wheel of justice, slowing it, or, in some kind of extreme case, derailing it. That seems unlikely, but, given that it can’t possibly improve an already devastating set of actual, ya know, Evidence, If I were on that side, I’d be pissed something like that was allowed to happen.

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“When keeping it real goes wrong.”

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I’ve been in court a couple of times and each time I am shocked at what people wear to it. Especially people who are in “real” trouble, vs a traffic violation.

Came here for this. Cheers.

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My thoughts exactly.

right? If I’m standing before a judge, I’m wearing a suit. Maaaayybe a jacket and slacks.

In my line of work, i never get to wear one, so i view it as a bit of a consolation; yeah, I have to appear in court, but for once I get to dress like a class act rather than my usual dirtbag-looking gear (I work in a kitchen, people react with visible disgust to my work shoes.) Plus, obviously, this curries favor with the judge. To quote an acquaintance of mine who was a career criminal speaking to a guy with an upcoming court date: “My pop is like 5"1’. He has one suit, which I borrow to go to court. Does it fit me? No. Does it keep me out of jail? Yes.

There is a reason Justizia is supposed to be blind.

i swear, some people look like there were standing in line at Walmart 15 minutes ago and suddenly looked at their phone and said, “Oh, man, I gotta get to court.”

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