Judge: no pajamas, no money from underwear in court




Another piece of reality-disconnected contempt from the 1%.


No shirt, no shoes? No Justice.


Justice isn’t for poor people, silly.


It’s unbelievable that people need to be reminded not to wear pajamas in court.


There’s dumber fashion moves.



No doubt about it! I think T.J. Lane wins the trophy for the worst courtroom attire.


Why not? The judges laze about in muumuus


Walk in to a US court and all of your rights as a citizen go out the window says man in long silk pajamas. Is that ironic or simply sad?

The idea that you have to respect the court under the threat of fines and jail time by people with gun who only answer to a person wearing long silk pajamas who insists we can’t wear pajamas around him just seems like something a bad writer wold come up with.

Seriously though, does anyone know why our rights are suspended in a courtroom?

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Because if you’re in a courtroom, ipso facto you’re a bad person.


If you’re wearing pajamas in public …


Claim it’s a Star Trek uniform. There’s a loophole, right thar.

Actually, it seems to me I’ve seen traditional costumes from some countries that bear a passing resemblance to typical Western pajamas. Now there’s trouble brewing.


I understand why they don’t want underwear money, but you know: “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private” Seems like the courts, if nowhere else, would have to take that one on the chin.


So what happens if you show up in court dressed like a judge?


Thankfully, they still allow you to pay in ass pennies.


What rights, exactly? I’m a little confused.


To dress as we please. There are public decency laws to be sure (though most are just sexist BS) but nothing I’ve seen which states wearing PJs in public is a crime. If there is no law prohibiting wearing PJs in public, ipso facto we have a right to wear pajamas in public as per the 9th and 10th amendments.
Stare Decisis in matters of fashion and dress doesn’t cut it.

Oh yeah, another we loose when going in to a courtroom, the right to disrespect the court. Your freedom of expression and speech goes out the window in a courtroom. In fact, being in contempt of the court is punishable by fines and imprisonment aka thought crime.

I’m wondering how that got started and what it’s place is in a free society.


Give me a break.

  1. Don’t dress like a total slob. I don’t see where that sort of thing is appropriate at any time out side of your house.

  2. I’ve said it before, it completely amazes me how some people dress to go to court. I’ve seen people who look like they were in line 15 minutes earlier at Walmart, looked at their phones, and said, “OH shoot, I gotta get to court.”


Certain places have dress codes, either for hygene or proper decorum.

You cannot swim naked in a public pool. That covers both those things.
Public buses have dress codes. Restaurants have dress codes. Juries have dress codes.

There are places you need to show respect. Churches. Schools. Courtrooms. These places are bigger than you.

Respect the bench. The judges are probably looking to prevent appeals when the judge was biased against the defendant by their clothing. A free society remains free by being civilized, and that includes treating each other with respect and earning that respect from others.