Judge: no pajamas, no money from underwear in court

Is it just me, or does lady Justice look… sassy?


You can get money from underwear? I will have pay closer attention to my underwear since it seems to have been holding out on me.


I’m talking about the requirement to own a wallet or money clip. But that’s so like the 1%, focus on the “important” issues of fashion, nevermind that some of us gots to eat, not worry about where to keep our quartz Diner’s Club card. But you go ahead and sneer at us, Mister BigShot-Owns-A-Wallet. Like you’d never take boob or sock or trouser-snake money.


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You and I are from different worlds. I am not an authoritarian. I was raised on the classic American value: question authority. I also see no reason to ‘respect the bench’. The courts and indeed the entire US government is supposed to operate at the approval of the people. We do not bow to the court because our system is not a monarchy which derives it’s authority from some god. The court needs to respect the people… not the other way around. Mind you, I’m not completely against contempt of court charges. Disrupting the court costs us, the taxpayer money, and such waste should be punished. It is not the will of the court that I respect in these cases but rather the will of the people. The court is a functionary system but holds strongly to the state authoritarian model of English law. As this is the U.S., such hold overs from the monarchy of petty power hungry self serving judges acting as if they are endowed with some power not granted by the people but because they sit in a special room is pure unadulterated bullshit. Judges are citizens too and the court is just a bureaucracy and not some sacred cow.

I also see no reason to show respect to a church or school. That kind of thing leads to mindless people who do as they are told. Now, if the church or school does something worthy of respect, then sure, I’ll show respect. But to say that simply because it exists it deserves respect it is just vapid.


Only if the people does something worthy of respect, then sure, I’ll show respect.


You, wearing pajamas in public?

Me, no respect.


You, wearing saran-wrap in public?

Me, R E S P E C T!


I don’t respect a church because it’s done something to earn respect, I respect a church because there are citizens in there who see it as a sacred place. Those citizens deserve my respect. A church is not a building, it is the people in it.

A court is not a building, it is the people in it. Judges, bailiffs, attorneys, jurors, all these people woke up this morning and came to work to do a job. A job few of them get paid enough to do, but a citizen doing a job that deserves respect.

If taking the time out to show everyone involved that I am taking it seriously as well makes me sheeple, than so be it. But the legal system in the US has been hammered out over two hundred years and is a fuck ton of a lot better and deserving of respect than things being decided by a King’s appointee.


Hmm. Yes. Sign me up for your course. It looks informative, but I don’t like coffee.

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Hey! You stole my trademarked monetary system!

Let’s meet in PJ court, which is slightly lower than small claims, to settle the matter.

That’s one sexy Lady Justice. Dat ankle! Hoochie wa-wa!

Do I have to wear pants, or what?

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Ignoring the difference between a church and a religion for a moment; I would rather respect the people than the organization and then only when they have shown that they deserve it. I’m still waiting for a religion to demonstrate that it is not participating in retarding social progress through the perpetuation of iron age superstition by indoctrinating children in their mythology and placing such above the societal good.

Why does it deserve respect again? From what I’ve seen, the courts are a two tiered system. One is for normal people where the system is designed to get a plea bargain even when the person is innocent, process them through the courts and in to a jail or onerous fine without respect to justice. The other is for people with money and their own attorneys. These people even get to skip jail when found guilty since jail would be too hard on them.

That’s true and the system is not broken either. It seems to work exactly as they have paid for it to be.

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Too late! I pre-emptively sued you for trademrakTM infringement in Pb&J court. You didn’t show; default judgement in flavor of plaintiff!


Interestingly enough I was at my court, where you didn’t show and I was awarded damages in the form of one Crystal Clear Pepsi.

We shall meet at dawn to exchange damages through our attorneys. Good day sir!

That’s unfortunate, as no coffee costs extra.

P.S. No boob or sock monkey!

Who brings the mentos?


Oh-ho! So, it’s to be a shooting duel that you would want, eh?

I assume our appointed seconds. I pick, ah, hell, whoever wants to come along. At dawn, which, is, like, really early (but at least we get to see the eclipse!)

She looks a little drunk, and maybe, just maybe, like she is peeking a little from under the blindfold.

You should not give a sword to drunken peekers, as a rule. Definitely don’t then ask he to stand on a pillow, which is inherently unstable. Someone could get hurt.

Why else would we “meet at dawn” ?

Unless… was it a romantic assignation you had in mind? !!!


NOW I understand the need for lawyers!


You think Lady Justice is blind drunk?

Might explain some court rulings…