New York judge admits to repeatedly breaking into young woman's home to steal her dirty underwear


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"…his lawyer assured the press that his client’s “reputation throughout the court is stellar. Every judge, every lawyer respects him.”
Not anymore. Personal perversions are OK by me (fill your own boots, so to speak), but not when they adversely impact others, especially when the victim is a current or former subordinate.



Absolutely. I am sure no unethical prosecutor would look the other way just because he’s a judge.

Also: The victim is 23? And she "once worked with him as an intern "? Just how long ago was that, your honor? How old was this young lady when you began to obsess over her panties?


I’m certain there are lots of prosecutors that would love to handle his case and make life miserable for him because he was an asshole on the bench. He can’t go anywhere now without having a moniker like “The Pervy Judge”. Who’s going to take any of his determinations seriously? I can almost hear it now: “I appeal Judge Cicale’s ruling because his overwhelming perversion, his “urge” makes him unable to rule objectively in this case.”


That’s unfair. Everyone else’s sexual preference is weird if you do not share it.


The undies are not the issue here, dude, it’s the fact that he broke into a former subordinate’s home and stole them.


Sorry for cracking a bad joke. Yeah it’s just sad how judges get away with this kind of thing. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s been doing similar things for a long time. It reminds me of the one case I saw on TV many years ago where one judge was a serial rapist. He got away with it for years until I think he got sloppy and they finally nailed him. But I believe he got off easy that particular judge, IIRC.


Is there a legal distinction between “entering a neighbor’s home without their permission to steal their stuff” and “burglary?”


When I, good friends, was called to the bar
I’d an appetite gross and pervy
But I was, as many young barristers are
A peeper bold and nervy.
I’d a silk lace teddy of a beautiful blue
And a bra with the scent of her boobies,
A couple of thongs, and a panty or two
And a ring that looked like a ruby.

– apologies to W. S. Gilbert


Bravo, sir or madam!


That thing where people think they actually know you well just because you work together.


Do pervs ever steal dirty DUDE’s underwear? Just wondering…


We are talking about a line in the sand.


Would he at least have them washed and return them clean? At least do that.


That’s really messed up. Wait, is the judge a character in an anime tv show? In that case I’d give him a pass. Otherwise, it’s messed up.


Did he issue himself a warrant? Because otherwise, that would be just wrong!


Writer James Ellroy on his brief career as a peeper, prowler and panty sniffer:

"Good evening peepers, prowlers, pederasts, panty-sniffers, punks and pimps. I’m James Ellroy, the demon dog, the foul owl with the death growl, the white knight of the far right, and the slick trick with the donkey dick. I’m the author of 16 books, masterpieces all; they precede all my future masterpieces. These books will leave you reamed, steamed and drycleaned, tie-dyed, swept to the side, true-blued, tattooed and bah fongooed. These are books for the whole fuckin’ family, if the name of your family is the Manson family."


not guilty in the burglary of his neighbor.

He didn’t steal his neighbor, just the panties, officer.


I see what you did there