Texas's "texting judge" resigns, admitting she texted instructions to prosecutors




No offense to the fine citizenry, but it was not a shock to hear this about slanted prosecution occurring in the state of Texas, land of the fast track death penalty.

Also, how is it that a state which purports to be tough on crime has not charged this judge with a crime? At least jury tampering?


So what do you have to do as a Texas judge to face actual penalties? Smoke a reefer on the bench?


Maybe skipping church would get the ball rolling.


I think she’s hot. Why, WHY couldn’t she have been Texas’s “sexting judge”?? Stupid judiciary, nothing ever goes my way.


I think that “third generation” part may have something to do with it. There’s a long tradition of “allowing” the privileged to “resign,” rather than fall on their sword.

As for all prisoners she tried not being set free, there’s a process for that in this country, but it’s not quick. We don’t just open up the Bastille, even when it’s justified. And in some of these cases, the accused might actually be guilty.


“… will face no criminal or civil sanctions for her crimes; nor will the victims whose trials she perverted be freed.”

Well, like duh! This is Texas. If the judge had whipped out her fully-automatic weapon and shot down defendants in the courtroom sanctions would still be in doubt.


But the criminal justice system isn’t about truth. It’s about evidence and proving a case beyond reasonable doubt. I wish it was about finding truth, but it is a battle of arguments, motions, credibility and admissibility.

And no one, especially an officer of the court, should be considered “privileged”. It makes a mockery of a system that is sometimes already a mockery of justice.

But I do agree with you that that is precisely why she wasn’t charged. I’m sure there will be civil lawsuits up the wazoo after this.


I think we have a new Scumbag Stacy meme image for matters legal in nature.


New Mexico’s state motto: “Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right.”


The defendants will probably have a strong case for a mistrial, which would allow a retrail. If they are found innocent the second time, they could probably sue.

But the legal system in this country doesn’t allow you just to walk in the case of a mistrial.


I don’t disagree. And I think the criminal cases will languish. Wishful thinking on my part in re civil suits.


Because in the official Texas thesaurus crime is a synonym for “not-white or wealthy”.


Her AND the prosecutors that were on the receiving end of her texts.
I’m sure there are plenty of dumb fucking goobers in Texas ready to defend her actions.


This is in rather stark contrast to the Danziger Bridge shooting case in New Orleans, where when it came out that prosecutors were found to have been posting comments to the local newspaper website a retrial was ordered.


Being third generation, if she’s doing stuff like this, where did she learn it?


It does rather make you wonder how a person who can act like this got to be a judge in the first place.


So her list of crimes include

  • Giving instructions to prosecutors in order to help them convict defendants
  • Meeting with jurors to convince them to convict defendants
  • Prejudicial treatment toward attorneys and court appointments
  • Attempting to influence witnesses
  • Perjury

And somehow the media chose to focus on TEXTING?




Corrupt judges, crooked cops, soldiers who fire on their own citizens: There is NO punishment severe enough for this kind oathbreaker.