God told judge to tell jury that defendant should not be convicted, so he did


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Someone needs to look in to what might cause a judge to want to let a sex trafficker go free.


WTF !!! …oh, right Texas. I understand now.


How does someone who clearly has no understanding of the First Amendment or the role of a judge in jury trial get this position?

[ETA: ah, elected judge and Texas. Understood]


I’ve always found it a little weird that some states (like Texas) elect judges, rather than the judges being appointed. In this case, the judge ran unopposed in 2014. I would be a little depressing if he wins in 2018 as well. (Source: https://ballotpedia.org/Jack_Robison)


Isn’t claiming that God spoke to you considered heresy, if not blasphemy?

@gracchus: Elections.


God: “You misunderstood me, I said ‘let the jury be’, not, ‘let this man go free’” >:-|


He needs to be immediately dismissed from the bench, and probably frog-marched into a psychiatric facility.


The only difference between Christian theocrats we are told to embrace and the Islamic theocrats we are told to fear is the outfits.


Boy this is a strange one. At least he recused himself.


See also: recent Alabama Supreme Court history


At a bare minimum I think most people would hear someone say god talked to them and go, “Oh, you mean figuratively right? Like you mulled it over a bunch and came to a decision? Wait, unless you “literally” heard god in which case you should be considered incompetent and be removed from the bench as any adult that pulls that kind of sh*t has some problems that need to get worked out”


Naw, hearing voices isn’t incompetence. It’s mental illness.


I clicked just to check to see if it was Texas. At least it’s a localized infection still.


Why didn’t gawd speak directly to the jurors?




The odd twist is one would think with a name like Perez and in Texas, the Judge would have suggested to find the person guilty.

At any rate, that Judge needs to be removed. Period.




Police who can give themselves “Get out of jail” coupons, judges who follow imaginary commands from god instead of the law … yeah everything seems normal in the UAE … sorry I meant USA.

Rule of law is totally overrated anyhow.


My question exactly!