Texas judge told a jury that God personally told him that a sex trafficking defendant should be acquitted

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WTAF? (What The Actual Fuck?)

To be fair, though, this bastard’s bible does condone human trafficking: Ex 21:7 “When a man sells his daughter as a concubine, she is not to leave as the male slaves do.” And it’s his God’s command that the girl(*) remain a sex slave for life.

So it’s completely understandable that he wouldn’t understand that selling girls into sex slavery is a bad thing. He was never taught that.

A diagnosis of religious fundamentalism should be medically recognized as a debilitating mental condition, rendering anyone suffering from it as unfit for duty.

* I tried to write “woman” here, but I doubt many of them were age 18 or older when they were sold off.


You really should read BoingBoing. It’s very interesting.




OK, two things:

  1. Saying this sort of shit, whether you think “god” told you or not, should immediately cause a judge to be removed from the bench.
  2. If it was a “delirium episode”, that ALSO is something that should cause immediate removal from the bench, albeit for different reasons.

Some people believe that “God” appears in the mysterious and unfathomable guise of money.


Really? I thought He appeared in tortillas.

Anything is fair game as far as Jesus sightings:

Many years ago, long after moving to SoCal for keeps, I paid a special visit (while on vacation) to our old parish priest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… Fr. Sepe. He was a very decent, jovial, cigar-chomping fellow who looked after us altar boys and coached our bantam baseball league team. Well-loved by the parishioners who later (following his passing) helped get our church street corner officially named after him. Anyway, he was definitely happy to see me, asked about my siblings and parents, and gave me his last can of beer from his fridge. Later, apparently reading my mind, he took me further into the rectory to have a look around, and then into the church via the sacristy. That’s when he asked me to look up at the ceiling mural above the main altar; to my eye there appeared to be water damage marring the artwork, and nothing more, but he saw the face of the Virgin Mary. “Don’t you see it?” Of course, I lied, and told him I could see it too. I saw absolutely no point in disagreeing. As he explained, he saw the “appearance” as a sign that his church – St. Mary’s – would not have to be, as then planned, shut down and the parish be merged with that of the much larger St. Trinity several blocks away. What the heck. It consoled him… and informing this kind, desperate man that I had long been an atheist would have served no purpose.


Jesus Pepperoni Christ!



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Something tells me the local sheriff’s office may have probable cause to search the good judge’s domicile. :face_with_monocle:

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Are the reasons really different?

Yes. #1 is because he’s abusing his power to influence the jury (Judges are supposed to be impartial - it is definitely not OK for them to tell the jury how they need to vote).
#2 is because you don’t want someone suffering from delirium and/or other mental instability in a position where they’re deciding other peoples’ fate.

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