Oklahoma judge who texted constantly during trial that bored her finally resigns

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What happened to the bailiff with whom she was texting? Please tell me they got sacked in such a way as to keep them out of a courtroom ever again (unless it’s as a plaintiff, defendant, or juror candidate.)


Got picked for a civil trail jury (car wreck) once. I could see the judge’s PC monitor from the jury box. He played solitarie the whole time.


Scratch juror candidate. I’d prefer jurors that pay attention


Trials need to be updated for this century. How a out taking the jurors on a bus trip to the crime scene.
Mostly of the evidence can be submitted online and reviewed before hand.
Jury’s should be a video recording of lawyer’s opening/closing statements so they can re-watch them at home. Replay has been a feature of sporing events forever.


She was an elected judge that had been on the bench for 5 months. There is no way that this was the first case that she did this crap. I wonder if there will be any appeals of cases from those 5 months based on judicial incompetence


I/we/any of us would be in a bit of trouble for playing electronic gadget games in a courtroom.


Absolutely. This is contempt of court territory. Doesn’t matter that it’s the judge committing it. It’s a shame she gets to resign without facing any real consequences for her actions.


How did they allow this verdict to stand? The judge obviously rigged this case! The US judicial system is a joke

I mean, I get it. Don’t think it’s right, but I get it. It’s probably the 50th car wreck case that week. And from the judges point of view, nothing really different except some specific facts to differentiate it from the other 49…or the other thousands.

I have the same problem in teaching sometimes. What seems like “This is exactly the same problem, all I did was change THIS variable and ask for Y instead of X” but for students it’s more, IDK, personal and unique.

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