Bored judge plays with smartphone during trial of man who beat toddler to death

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with jurors recommending he be sentenced only to time served.

Time served, for 2nd degree murder of a 2 year old? WTF is the jury on?? Holy fucking shit.

The article doesn’t mention the sentencing, but it better be as much time as the mom. Jesus H Christ.


It won’t be, because it’s always the woman who is the real guilty party…


If her crime of enabling the abuse was so heinous that she was lucky to get ‘only’ 25 years, why would the killer get only time served? Is there some categorical difference between them that could explain why he would be granted more leniency? Hmmm…

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Just started teaching 19 and 20 year olds, and I see the students who struggle the most in class use their phones to regulate their emotions, which, in turn, makes them miss what’s happening, which makes them feel bad. So, they go back to their phones to feel better, and so on. One student I have comes in late because, I suspect he can’t put down his phone at night. Like clockwork, he sits down, takes out his phone, and scrolls for about an hour. Then, suddenly realizing he’s missing out on class, he gets frustrated, takes out his iPad to take notes but ends up watching videos instead.

It’s clear we’re in the doctors recommending menthol cigarettes to cure lung cancer phase of smartphones. Phones. are. poison. Thousands of the smartest engineers on Earth are dedicating all of their energy into making apps and hardware that hijacks our brains. Waiting for the backlash…


Found it!
Her job is too important for this shit.


NPR did a recent story on the cycle (and a path to break it), but yeah, we’re pretty doomed.


2nd degree manslaughter is not the same as 2nd degree murder. He probably should have been found guilty of murder. But manslaughter requires there was no intent and carries a lesser sentence. In Indiana, where I grew up, I think the equivalent is involuntary manslaughter which has (or had?) a maximum of 8 years.

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Christ, what an asshole

That’s the horror show that is plea bargaining. Before the trial anything can happen. It sounds like they threatened her with the death penalty, and she opted to plead guilty to enabling abuse and probably sentenced as if the abuse had led to murder.

Then his trial happens and the prosecution essentially loses, and he’s convicted of a much less serious crime. The maximum sentence for that is likely much less than the sentence she agreed to.

The whole system is a travesty.


Yikes. I mean I had pretty bad focusing issues then - and to a degree now. I can’t imagine how badly I would be if I was 19 now.

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