California prosecutor's complaint sees Brock Turner judge removed from new case

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On the one hand, I’m not a fan of this judge, to put it mildly.

On the other hand, I find it disturbing that prosecutors can go judge-shopping (and defendants can’t) if they think that a particular judge is not going to come down harshly enough on the defendant.


The woman who survived Brock Turner’s attack changed “normal” by sharing her story.


This really doesn’t happen often and the defense is entitled to voice the same concerns through appropriate apparatus about a judge that they feel is impartial. Most of the time, unless there’s a direct conflict of interest or some indication a judge is behaving badly, they make the concerned party suck it up and get on with the trial. In cases of direct conflict of interest most (as always there are the troubling exceptions) judges recuse themselves without being asked. In this case, the media pressure was a big factor, but the prosecutor doesn’t have more judge shopping power than the defendants do. They just happened to be the one complaining here.


He’ll never get the “hanging judge” moniker.


On the one hand, he’s an asshole. On the other, he looks like Wallace
Shawn. I think of Wallace Shawn as quite a bit cooler than most people, but this guy is still an asshole

Ooh, ouch, if prosecutors have concerns about a judge’s impartiality, that could wreak havoc with his career. (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, mind you).


Agreed. It was one thing when jurors refused to serve in his court. When the prosecutors start questioning a judge’s ability to be fair and impartial it’s the beginning of the end for his career. I hope that’s the case here.


I can’t say that I blame them, with Pesky having so very recently demonstrated apparent bias and a severe lack of sound judgment with the Turner case.


I seem to remember Antonin Scalia being infamously dismissive of calls for recusal when it came to cases involving hunting buddies of his.


He was quoted as saying “Inconceivable!”

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Not sure if this was an intentional misspelling, but the shoe kinda fits.

@Donald_Petersen: I’m convinced that Scalia passed whatever ethics class he was required to pass in law school by cheating.


Let’s call it Freudian.


Imagine how many other rape victims in the past have been screwed over (no pun intended) by this Judge because they didn’t have such a high profile case? He should be disbarred!

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