Courtroom smackdown! Judge and defendant get nasty


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Looks like a live reading of YouTube comments.


I guess I won’t hold my breath for the NY Times Verbatim treatment


I want to laugh but, seriously, a sitting judge says this to a defendant…[quote=“beschizza, post:1, topic:81979”]

Durham: [To reporter] “Are–are you taking this down?”
I hope that stammer indicates the judge was embarrassed by his own behavior but I doubt it.


Was there an audience going all whoa?


I know that in the US judges and DA are voted into their jobs. While fine and democratic on paper it’s one of the causes of the messed up US legal system - it’s the wrong incentive for those involved.

Could this be case of an incompetent but well liked/populist Bumblefuck MacJudgeface voted into a job he isn’t capable of?


Yeah, when you say that someone is in contempt of court and sentence them to 20 days, do you know what you do next? You have the bailiffs take them to a cell. You don’t keep talking to them.

Has this guy even been to judge school?


Oh, I think he has my friend. He got his law degree, worked as a “lawyer” until he had the connections, and then “ran for office”. He learned exactly what he needed to know, to get to be a judge.

I often wonder if these types of people believe somehow they’re lining up their political resume, that all of these people are all of them aiming for the Big Chair in the oval office.


Didn’t someone post this link several weeks back in another thread? I looked, but I can’t find it. (It may not have been a dedicated thread…)


i brought it up in one of the lounge threads–


10 days ago.


Ah, I knew that I saw it somewhere. Well, ten days is weeks ago in BoingBoing time.:wink: Anyway, it’s still funny.

Hey, navarro, you scooped @beschizza! Even if it had limited release.


Durham: [To reporter] “Are–are you taking this down?”

Reporter: I am.


It’s been making the rounds for weeks. I saw it first on Reddit a week or two ago.


All I want to say is “Judge School” would be a great superhero name.

Judge School…she’s got class!!!


It was being passed round the web about a month ago. I could’ve sworn this was where I read it last, but a search doesn’t turn it up, so I must have seen it elsewhere.


Many judges are elected, including (at least some) Georgia judges. Many are not, including all federal judges. This link shows the method of selection by state. (Even those states with elected judges may have appointed judges, who are sometimes labeled “associate judges” or the like.) Similarly, federal prosecutors are appointed, although, as far as I know, just about everywhere elects its State’s/District Attorney.


It made me think of Clown College.

“I’d thank you not to refer to Princeton that way”.


So what was the defendant thinking? One good insult is worth ten years of my life? Was he thinking this judge can’t really lock me up? What?

When the Trump U case is finally over, this is how The Donald’s sentencing hearing will go. He’ll start at probation and community service, and go rocketing downhill from there.


Oh. Is that where things go off the rails, then?