Hard times for judge who sued dry-cleaner for $65M over missing pants


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OMG - I read about this years ago in a Bathroom Reader.

Shouldn’t this guy be committed? It pants, dude, just let it go.

10 years ago? I bet your ass couldn’t even fit into them anymore.


He should take this to apparel court.


Inseams that this guy is regularly flying off the cuff instead of giving the dry cleaner some slack(s).


With that type of legal mind and his need for employment, seems like a perfect for Trump’s team.


Judge “Fancy Pants” to you.


For perspective, $65M is nine times the sum that the state of Hawaii recently paid in a settlement to a man who lost his LEGS.


I think what bothers me most about the entire story is that of all people, a judge should know that asking $65mil for lost pants is completely unrealistic, a waste of the courts time, and an abuse of our legal system.


He has a right to be steamed. He should press charges for sure.


@ficuswhisperer: I was composing something similar when your post went up.

Ah screw it, I’ll post it anyway.

11 years is a long time to press a suit, but he seems to be running out of steam.


Agreed. It seams tailored for a suit.


A-hem. I don’t want to be accused of needling, but if we aren’t careful this thread may start serging out of control.


Your puns were far better than mine. Well played.


Even in the worsted case scenario, no trousers are worth that much. Given the number of holes in his briefs, he should be concerned about libel chill.

Still, after eleven years, one has to admit his story has legs.


Didn’t this all start because they found out the judge was going pants-less under his robe, and he just made up the excuse that the laundry was to blame?


What bothers me the most about this is the fact that this mentally unstable moron, this complete and utter tool; this absolutely unaware asshole used to make legal decisions that affected other peoples lives and/or livelihoods.


I’m so proud of all of you, your puns are in the pocket.


Sounds like he was taken to the cleaners, good thing he didn’t lose his shirt too.

To be fair, they were his special fancy pants, and held tremendous sentimental value.


I have no sympathy for him. He’s had years to pleat his case and he’s still hemming and hawing. I’d like to see him led away in cuffs, maybe with a couple of belts for good measure.


65 millions for pants?! What kind of pants did he lose?