Boutique jeans-maker hiring "breakers" to wear in denim


I would totally sign up for the chance to do this, i like to wear my jeans quite a bit and try not to wash them if i can avoid it. Couldn’t find a way to sign up though so… yeah. Guess if the business is UK based i’m not sure they’d want to send it to the US either so that might be a factor too.

Well, I guess it’s a good way of avoiding social interaction… those pants are gonna get nice and crusty after a while.

Paying Welshmen to wear your pants for you? Please tell me this is a ref to a Portlandia sketch or an article from The Onion.


I have just the thing


I’m pretty skeptical of this enterprise simply on the basis of the rather heady “Questions” being asked. Personally, I prefer my jeans be as angst free as possible. I’m decidedly more of a “relaxed fit kind of guy”.


I see the breakers get free trousers to wear and a bonus at the end in exchange for not destroying the jeans and for posting regular pics.
The other side seems to want artisinally broken in jeans with a well papered first world pedigree, labor provided by formerly well paid Welsh workers obtained at bankruptcy discount, some are even legit chavs.(I do not know the specifics of Hiut Jeans and this is a generalized observation of typical industry behavior)
I suppose that it is like buying a real Swiss watch(not these Swiss assembled Asian watches) where you can be reasonably assured that nearly 100% the labor is by well paid and skiled white guys, then lay them all off and rehire at minimum wage, market as giving the watchmakers their dignity back.
I used to see this type of thing quite a bit in PDX where hobby makers would sell their after work art for low prices(sub minimum wage) to stereotypical west hills or Lake-O dwellers. Everyone at first seemed to profit though it was the artisans who were subsidizing the wealthy collectors purchase price with their outside job.
I feel the same way about porn and prostitution, the inequity in society enforced by inequity in ability to obtain money tilted to the ‘already haves’ makes what appears on the surface to be the free exchange of goods and services ultimately unequal and un-egalitarian. In the end national bank issued money is a pretty close relative to DAOITMK whuffie points(though it seems implied whuffie might not be obtainable by barristry or other legal coercion), those with the whuffie call the shots.
I always question the motivation of buyers of prestige brands where a selling point is the ‘legit’ first worldlyness of the employees. Is it to share wealth, guilt at getting rid of their jobs, or simply the same delight as being able to afford the all white staff of Downton Abbey?
I will admit this post is in large part an OT rant but is also based on my fear that of my generation and almost certainly that of my kids only the luckiest of the 99% of us will become at best poverty level ‘legit’ trouser-breakers and other prestige adding or artesian jobs for the space-tourist class once we have arrived at the (Marshal Brain’s) Manna point in history where all essential work is done by robotics owned by the ever more rarefied means of production owner class rather than letting the >1:1 worker replacement machines lift the whole society to leisure study and art.


Sounds like a Korean reality show…


OK, I don’t get it. Isn’t the point to break in your own jeans?


Reminds me of shotgun jeans. An extra $100 for someone to shoot your trousers. What was it Thomas Tusser said about fools and money?

I see the unbelievable idiots at the patent office granted a “shotgun jean” patent in 2008 despite the fact that others had been selling such garments at least by the mid '80s. Ten seconds with Google uncovered a Chicago Tribune article from 1990 describing the same method of distressing. I guess federal employees are not allowed access to Google. Or major newspapers. Or just don’t care.

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Looking like you broke in your own jeans? Priceless.

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What on earth is “a jean”?!

A “jean” is one leg of a pair of jeans. They employ amputees to break these in and it costs twice as much. It’s very distressing.


I got lost. What size did you want again?


Last time I felt I needed replacement jeans, I put a couple of days vaguely in the markets and shops looking for something to wear.
When I said I was looking for something that didn’t look like I’d sat in a puddle of acid, or had been through a combine harvester already … I found that there was totally nothing for me to wear.

Why the hell could I not find clean jeans? Why is being un-ripped now a special feature? Why could I find nowhere, anywhere, In multiple cities and countries, that had solid jeans that are not pre-distressed, pre-aged, pre-polluted, pre-ripped and pre-fucked?
I just wanted pants to wear.

I don’t mind being not one of the “cool kids” any more (I used to wear a full suite of snow-wash in my day) , but why do I have to now pay extra for jeans that have been damaged in ways I didn’t want to be fucked in the first place?


“Factories in the Philippines
Are cutting holes in brand-new jeans
For cutting-edge consumers.
Rich kids in the West, you see,
They have no sense of irony
And I’m losing my sense of humor.”
[“Here comes the flood”, Oysterband]


I could understand it if people were paid money to wear in some tough ass jeans so the people who buy them don’t have to tolerate the hardship of wearing clothes that aren’t as soft as cotton but I just don’t get that the payment is 20% off a pair of jeans.

imagine the scenario
“Wear these £100 jeans for six months, don’t wash them even if you shit yourself and never take them off. At the end we’ll give you a 20% discount.”
“Score! Yeah I’ll wear these jeans in! Finally my legs will earn their keep!”
-six months later
“Here they are, and here’s £80 so I can keep them!”
“No mate, these special worn in jeans are £500, or £400 with the discount.”
“Grrr! Alright then.”


Military surplus. Not jeans per se, but decent durable fabric and the price is not bad. Perfectly functional and some have many pockets.


Despite my whine, I did eventually find an un-wrinkled pair that was the same shade of blue, front, back, middle and sides, without holes in. It did take a number of days to find however, and the un-damaged line was more costly that the pre-distressed ones that were permanently on sale.

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The payment is 20% of the price they eventually sell the jeans to someone else for.