Imagine you work by paying $425 for artificially mud-stained jeans


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looks more like he rolled around in some diarrhea.


Remember heroin chic? Well, this is fall-down drunk chic, or, with a nod to @incarnedine_v, fall-down-shit-yourself drunk chic.


Agreed. poo pants.


20 years ago I predicted people with too much money would pay to look poor. This is just about there.

I also second all the poo comments.


They’re not proper working pants unless you can see some butt-crack at the back.


Fuck this shit.

I take this as a sign we need to raise tax rates.


This is really just the logical extension of the current “distressed” look, where people pay extra for jeans that already have wear and tear.

APC has been running a “butler” program for years, in which they take back their own worn jeans for a discount on a new pair, and then sell the “pre-worn” ones for $275. (I learned about this from my father). Now they appear to be doing something much like the paint-smeared jeans, but maybe more colourful – paint splattered pre-worn jeans. They are supposed to reatail for about $300.

You can’t make this shit up.


Why is it just mud?

I’d be happy to sell fools… Ahem… “hip consumers” some old work jeans. They’ve got rust stains down the thighs. They’re got a variety of burn holes from blacksmithing scale. Some even have wee little acid holes.

And! I’ll undercut Nordstrom by a whole whopping $225! Wear jeans that have actually been abused for only $200 (which will let me buy a few pairs of new ones).


Derelicte! It’s happening!


SOMEONE is, and getting paid for it.


“Factories in the Philippines
Are cutting holes in brand new jeans
For cutting-edge consumers.
Rich kids in the West, you see
They have no sense of irony.
And I’m losing my sense of humour.”
[“Here Comes the Flood”, Oysterband]


Yeah this pattern is a thing among the affluent


But the shoes…?


Burn the store to the ground.


looks like manure to me. Or pig shit.


The fatal flaw is that people who actually work are likely to change out of their filthy work clothing at the first opportunity.
These pants remind me of this:

“You’re a sad sight, Hoss. you should have stuck to soda pop”.


I think it’s time to start selling mildewy jeans on Etsy.


This is so sad. Is it even possible to buy reasonably priced real jeans anymore?


Don’t worry, Levi’s have got your back; just unzip a little bit and rock that classic plumber look: